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  1. I’m guessing that Thome has an understanding that at some point, he has a shot at it. Of course it being off schedule and the absolute worst timing is when Jerry would make good on it.
  2. These are not the 'droids we are looking for?
  3. They would not pick up on Reinsdorf’s meddling potential
  4. Thome would be another Jerry Reinsdorf intervention on the process. I gotta believe that in order to retain a minimum amount of faith in WillHahn.
  5. I think the Bulls had a 3 headed monster too. Both franchises have a similar funk over the last couple decades for sure. But it’s a distinct funk. If you have funk, be distinct with it I always say. However, managers/coaches seem to he held in higher esteem on the Sox side with the old man. Setting aside Phil Jackson.
  6. If club didn’t want to pay anyone else because Colas would be ready by 2023, there would be no reason for Colas to do any “blocking”
  7. this is true just because is has to be the most Kenny Williams thing ever.
  8. Willie Harris is getting some talk radio…..talk. Supposed to be a smart guy, and our outfield could definitely use some guidance from the chief.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/cubbiescrib.com/2022/08/24/cubs-now-boast-top-10-farm-system-baseball/amp/ its not really a post about that though. Despite similar records, Cubs fans, suddenly optimistic. Sox fans, looking to choke someone.
  10. Cubs and Sox separated by 2 team in the end. But the north side feels the hope. South side feels the nope. https://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  11. He didn't just start owing us. He's been owing us for decades. He assumes he is smarter than everyone else in baseball, and the fans he has owed forever. That doesn't change after a mistake. He'll rationalize.
  12. Why not just Drake? That would be awesome 👏
  13. Permed Harold Baines Regular Vince Evans. He can teach these guys how to really throw a football.
  14. Permed Ivan Calderon Edit: check that. Dead. But maybe he can match TLR anyways
  15. There are a lot of “Most White Sox thing (or things) ever”. That would be one of them.
  16. Typical Chicago team scrub that is added to win a meaningless game or 2 at the tail end of the season to annoy tank fans
  17. Probably not getting worse. You can play on it, have it removed, and play shortly after, or have it repaired and be out for awhile. Repaired by the way takes the most time, with the most upside as far as full athletic potential. I think the decisions become more dicey in the people that need to run during games. Pitrchers, not so much
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