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  1. What i most appreciate is that all the jabronis that were Worried about Selvy perez can please shut the F up. We still suck. But that narrative was like a conspiracy theory that wouldn't go away
  2. I'm giving him the benefit to figure this out. If these are the moves we make then he might be the biggest dumbass GM in the history of GM's
  3. I just saw him do a saki bomb with the jatts at mothers on Rush
  4. I dont know much about this guy..... https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-white-sox/white-sox-sign-former-brewers-reliever-to-minor-league-deal/
  5. I'm fine with Whitt playing 2nd base for us next year. He is probably the best 2nd baseman we will have since Tad Iguchi
  6. I disagree. I think he is a project for Banister and there is way too much talent there
  7. Our rotation was pretty bad last year. It was just names.......
  8. I would support a FEDDE signing. You have to hit on some guys like this
  9. If Luis Robert is trading I'm doing with this cheap ass, piece of s%*# organization. Other teams are trying acquire superstars and we are talking about trading them. I hate this organization!!!!!!! F you Jerry
  10. 6+ era is not good. Melting down over and over in big situations is not good. I saw that movie in my night mares over and over again.
  11. As of now it is.........depends on what the Cubs do.
  12. Thats interesting I wouldn't mind both Gio and Flaherty on one year deals.
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