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  1. Leave Schriff alone you Jabronis!! "RRRRAAAAWWWWRRRRR"
  2. Does Pedro use Justin Anderson in every game? He's like the new version of Brian Shaw......they both pretty much stink but can pitch everyday.
  3. Greg This is nonsense. Why does he need to ride a damn bike or know Southside of Chicago inside and out? When he says "Southside standup" he is referring to fans that cheer for white sox. Some of you take everything literally.
  4. MK will need all the help he can get
  5. I remember his old golf segments on Channel 5 news (sports). I think it was "Beat the Hawk" or something like that. I remember him telling the story of how the persona of Hawk came about and how it was all made up.
  6. This is a solid post. I think it depends on what you are looking for..........in a season like this, give me the silliness. I don't need to be educated about baseball by Len, DJ (Enjoy them) or other baseball guys. Hawk would be a horrible listen if he was calling this team. I love baseball and have a huge background and knowledge about the game and history. I just like that idea that JS is different from PBP guys I have been listening to since I was young (I'm in my mid 40's). That is the reason I liked Hawk.....because he was different. I watch baseball to be entertained. If the product on the field depresses the s%*# out of me then let my PBP guy entertain me with "silliness." I smile when he makes "growling" sounds........I laughed out loud when i heard his homerun call for Luis, I enjoyed him calling out some of the clowns on the score because they wanted to rip on him. Give me more of this while I give JS a chance to grow and be better at what he does.
  7. Fair enough. We can all have our opinions. I think John has been entertaining in a miserable season.
  8. That's becuase most of your PBP announcers in MLB are cookie cutter. Like or not, John is not that.
  9. Are you mad at John because the team on the field sucks?
  10. Wait............we had Hawk for soooo many years. You don't think he fit any of the manufactured, not real at times, and not organic mold???????
  11. hi8is .....I respect you and your posts ..................BUT this is the classic "get off my porch" post that people stuck in their ways will write/say
  12. It did not....but I'm not giving up on that kid
  13. Love it. The dude has been ripped for being enthusiastic and different. If this team was 52-36 MOST would not care and in fact may enjoy his calls because people would be happier. John has a lot to learn and he should be given that opportunity. This is not your Dad's 1970's, 80's to even 2000's broadcaster who sounds the same as the next guy. I'm willing to let him grow and chuckle and enjoy some of his calls (including growling) in a miserable season for a miserable team run by a Miserable organization. (f*** YOU JERRY........had to get that out of my system today)
  14. I still think Leasure will be an asset going forward but that was putrid. Zero command
  15. Put Leasure as our closer and let him learn. He cannot be as bad as Kopech, who does not have the balls to be a closer.
  16. Thorpe is pretty good. I enjoy watching him pitch
  17. Just do not understand this. They have 25 win team they are working with
  18. For all the haters ......schriffen and stone seem to be settling in nicely. I enjoy their banter
  19. Aly You are being too logical. Because we would rather stick to the FIP and these other metrics and not look at the fact that the dude keeps giving up runs.
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