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  1. Make him the closer and see how it goes. This season will blow anyway
  2. I'm going to play the what if game..... Bennintendi (Needs to regress to the norm of his career, if he does that's a solid lead off hitter) Moncada (Needs to stay healthy, if he can then you have a solid player) Robert (Super star) Eloy (Very capable of big numbers with High Average......stay Healthy) Vaughn ( Live up to the potential of a good hitter) Fletcher (Has hit everywhere he has been, including MLB last year) DeJong (He won't be there long before Montgomery takes over) Maldonado/Stassi Lopez/DeJong 1-7 has the potential to be a good line-up with Montgomery BUT LOTS OF IF's
  3. How about Win some damn games!!!
  4. What the F kind of stupid post is this. Now we're associating Tim with being a gangster......... The stupidity amazes me! BUT it shouldn't
  5. Many people don't understand that Tim was pretty injured last year and tried to play through it. He did his damage to himself but he cared about playing.
  6. I like Rosario. Someone WS should be interested in
  7. There is still guys available and we are still in off season
  8. This organization deserves no benefit of doubt but this is a 4th outfielder competition move. Pillar is not your starting RF for 2024.
  9. I call absolute BS on this. Just agent talk
  10. Apparently it's pretty hard for white sox to find RF and 2B
  11. 2Deep


    And other washed up old dudes would be according to many... Gallo Duvall Etc...
  12. 2Deep


    I found this interesting as I would not might him in RF. I know I will be ripped for that take....
  13. You're right Don't sign anybody and keep shopping at scrap heap flea market. Man we find ways to make excuses for this s%*# organization
  14. I could care less about blocking him from cubs. I posted this as what is good for White Sox. Play RF everyday. Fill in for Robert in CF when he has day off or DH'ing Play 1B when Vaughn has day off or has to DH because Eloy is hurt Lineup: Bennintedi Bellinger Robert Eloy Moncada Vaughn 2B??? Dejong/Montgomery Maldonado/Stassi All of a sudden that lineup looks pretty decent with him in it
  15. I think he is finally healthy again. He provides you so much value defensively and offensively
  16. Cody Bellinger would be an awesome signing but then reality slaps me and reminds of the garbage organization that we are. All the excitement that I once/always had for the white sox has been sucked out of me with what has gone on in the last 2+ years. We are going to be so bad this year with the scrap heap of players we have signed so far........
  17. I was just about to post THANK GOD!!!
  18. Interesting. Just curious as to why Boras would want to do that?
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