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  1. I always thought Salvy was a great defensive catcher. He shuts down the running game by himself. I guess metrics must show something different.
  2. Damn.....not mincing words this morning. Like it!!
  3. I've heard a lot of chatter from White Sox fans about having Andrus play 2nd base next year......... Have people looked up what he did from 2020-2022 while he as on the A's??? He just happened to catch fire after being traded to White Sox for 40 games.
  4. Read a few posts up from CaliSoxFan.....
  5. I love Cueto but some of you dudes need to understand the reality. He had an incredible year last year (caught lightening in a bottle). He is a year older and practicality tells you that he will not have another year like last. I would rather gamble on a guy like Clevenger, who is 5 years younger and has potentially a higher upside. Again, nothing says this works out but it is the right decision.
  6. I agree with you here. Jose will do fine in Houston BUT not paying him 3 years and 60 mil is the right move. We need to solidify other positions and I think AV will be just fine at 1B
  7. so you would have given Jose 3 years and 60 mil?
  8. I not giving up on giolitto. There is a big track record of success and he is in his prime
  9. If we want a Left Handed RF/LF with power and plus defense Isn't Gallo a better fit? Gallo also walks a TON, something we lack.
  10. There is a lot of hyperbole in your opinions here. I get it.......this team/gm/organization lost much/all of the trust from many of us with what they did last year. Again, I'm not claiming that trading for Winker is a "smart" move. BTW- your point about Kimbrel is short sided because winning teams seem to have a few bullpen arms that are rentals for a year. When they do well then teams sign them long term.
  11. Sooooo teams that win don't sign one year rentals? To go along with their core like Tim Anderson, Luis Robert, Moncada, Eloy, Vaughn...... This whole give up a prospect concept.......if this is a one year rental do you think the sox are giving up Oscar Colas? Come on man.....make some sense. I'm not advocating for Jesse Winker......I'm disagreeing with your premise.
  12. What does this mean?? So teams that aren't winning can't have good coaches? Sports are about talent. You can have the best coaches and if they don't have the talent it means nothing.
  13. Harold, with the interview being granted do you feel that JR will force KW/RH hand in trying to hire Ozzie?
  14. You believe what Shane Riordan tweets or thinks? How many times has he been wrong about white sox this season
  15. Tim says a lot of stuff........He went from being one of my favorite players to just another dude making stupid choices and sucking at baseball.
  16. Cleveland celebrating their Central title and mocking the white sox as they celebrate. What a fitting end to this embarrassment!!
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