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  1. It would be nice if Anderson can speak up and tell his side to what may have been going on. Maybe he doesn't have a side to tell.
  2. Can someone explain what Ramirez is talking about when he says that Tim has been "disrespecting the game." What am I missing? What has Tim done to disrespect the game other than tag Ramirez "hard" which he did not like?? So many people have agreed with Ramirez but someone explain..... I'm not trying to be a jerk but just trying to understand what I'm missing....
  3. Are we celebrating tim getting knocked on his ass??? Fucking ramirez is a punk and needs to be dealt with. We haven't had the balls to to deal with him. We are and have been soft
  4. In my opinion the Sox will not pick up the option but behind the scenes Jerry will do right by Liam and take care of him. Jerry deserves all the vitriol but he does take care of his people to a fault.
  5. How did Tooki look today? Was busy underwater basket weaving and did not want to watch game
  6. Were we really relying on Liam to be our closer next year after all of his health issues this year? BTW- we have a closer in training .....SANTOS
  7. Thats fine. Let his ass sit on the bench.
  8. I just don't understand Why the f*** Andrus is getting playing time. Its maddening
  9. Damn.......now we calling our players stupid. How is he stupid? Because he has gotten hurt?
  10. Who cares.......just end this miserable season.
  11. Sorry I posted this in wrong thread. Meant to write this in Luis Patino thread
  12. Jake Burger is an awesome human being. Jake Burger is a mid baseball player with lots of flaws in his game. Both of these can be and are true. The crying over Jake Burger being traded and not Eloy is fucking baseball stupid. I hate this organization for where we are BUT they did very well in this trade and sold high. That being said I will always root for Jake Burger. However I'm not baseball stupid.
  13. If someone can install some fucking discipline in AV at the plate. The man will rake #notgivingupyet
  14. Can we please trade Eloy for some jabroni prospect Fucking idiots
  15. BTW- have I told you all f*** THE GUARDIANS.........I HATE THESE 🤡
  16. Please don't give up on AV. Too much talent.......... Lots of hate of Andrew out there
  17. Sorry this was my full post. Ejacuted early
  18. Mocada has sucked for us and is a reason where we are...........BUT DAMN it i want him succeed . He has so much talent and is a wizard at 3rd. Here's to hope....... "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. — ."
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