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  1. Is Hahn going to address the media at all before the game?
  2. It reminds us that they are human and no matter how much they excite or disappoint, its only a game.
  3. I missed it Did Anderson get benched after double play?
  4. Can it just be a dead arm period after TJ Its going to take time and he has to pitch
  5. Come on........we are really going to get on Robert for not going after that ball. Whats the point. He's literally playing 70 feet behind 2nd base ...........the ball landed few feet from warning track There is many more issues to get after this team for.....
  6. Robert needed to put the ball in play
  7. Tim does something productive
  8. One pitch from the bullpen OTHER then that they have been really good.
  9. What terrible defensive alignment
  10. Absolutely The worst pitch wasn't even the fastball that was hit for GS......it was the hanging slider to Outnam who has struck out 5 times this series and can't hit a fastball.
  11. Not many strikes thrown by Almont but against us you don't need too
  12. 3 absolutely terrible At Bats
  13. Inning full of dumb baseball after the double
  14. Yoan may never play 3rd again for White Sox
  15. My Christmas wish is LET ELOY STAY HEALTHY FOR REST OF YEAR. Man can hit a baseball
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