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  1. Pal, can you please shed some light on what the organization has grown tired off outside his extra affairs (Or is that the main reason?) Thanks
  2. This TA thread seems to be much to do about nothing. This is what this organization has done to us. We jump at everything!
  3. Bennintendi and Gallo Are 2 different players. One of our biggest gripes as white sox fans last year was the fact that this team stopped hitting home runs. Bennintendi's Hitting is in the mold of the 22 white sox. Whereas Joey G gives you the one thing that you did not do last year, and because of that you lost ball games, Home runs. I'm not saying that Joey G is the next coming but I think hes a very different player than Andrew B and he is the type of player we need right now
  4. 2 years ago this board wanted Joey gallo at trade deadline
  5. Give me Joey gallo. He will walk a lot, he will strike out a lot, he will play solid D, he bats lefty, most importantly he will hit a lot of homeruns...... Something we did not do last year. Homeruns win games
  6. I cant trust bummer anymore. I was enamored with his stuff and ability but he craps the bed a lot in key situations.
  7. I would give Lopez a shot. Graveman pretty much sucked when closing games last year.
  8. I genuinely want Moncada to do well. However, from various reports, like Ozzie and his kids have said that Moncada is his own worst nightmare. Everything is in his head. If someone can get him mentally right the dude has ridiculous potential. However, I don't know if that will ever happen.
  9. After the Foodies post on upcoming move many of you jumped to that being TA. 1st player I thought of, if this is true, is Moncada. He has a split following like no other amongst us fans.
  10. Ok professor. I sound stupid but the jokers posting dumbass trade proposals for Bryan f'ing reynolds aren't.... Carry on..
  11. I'm going to quote myself because you all piss me off. DO ANY OF YOU CLOWNS 🤡 actually watch baseball or are you playing video games???
  12. Damn Reading posts here and Twitter you would think Reynolds is the next coming of Mike trout. Yes, we need to give up Vaughn, gio, and Montgomery... Fucking dumbasses .......any and all of you who believe that 🤡
  13. I always thought Salvy was a great defensive catcher. He shuts down the running game by himself. I guess metrics must show something different.
  14. Damn.....not mincing words this morning. Like it!!
  15. I've heard a lot of chatter from White Sox fans about having Andrus play 2nd base next year......... Have people looked up what he did from 2020-2022 while he as on the A's??? He just happened to catch fire after being traded to White Sox for 40 games.
  16. Read a few posts up from CaliSoxFan.....
  17. I love Cueto but some of you dudes need to understand the reality. He had an incredible year last year (caught lightening in a bottle). He is a year older and practicality tells you that he will not have another year like last. I would rather gamble on a guy like Clevenger, who is 5 years younger and has potentially a higher upside. Again, nothing says this works out but it is the right decision.
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