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  1. This is how I feel about the White Sox
  2. These guys are human beings. Life happens, like having to get a divorce because thigs don't work out. Whether it's TA or GIO, it's really none of my business as long as they act like good human beings and try to right the wrongs and learn from their mistakes. I think for me it becomes my business when a guy is a dead beat of a human being and he plays for my favorite team. I don't want to root for guys like that and don't want my kids looking up to guys like that. I think this goes on with every team but it's only highlighted even more with the White Sox because they have gone from a fun, contending, loveable team to a absolute dumpster fire on the field. I think we are all frustrated with this team and organization because we do care. That's why it's easy to highlight things that go on with this team outside of baseball. Just my 2 cents
  3. Man.......so many hot takes here about draft picks when most know nothing about them OR not enough about them. I dislike this team and organization right now but willing to let these guys develop before making sweeping negative generalizations about them as players.
  4. Andrew.....Way to stretch on the under hand toss from Graveman!! Funck yea!!!! Just nipped him
  5. Fun bad only happens when you can score runs and give up runs
  6. I hate this team BUT Santos is a keeper. 2nd half we need to watch his innings and appearances so we don't f*** this guy up
  7. This is the WORLD SERIES of CRAP!! Are we the best 💩?????? After Sunday we will know
  8. This is what FUN .....BAD looks like. Fine........we went through this for 4 years in the rebuild. This reminds of that. Although we are in our contention window
  9. f*** this team and this organization
  10. I hate this team and organization They f*** up a lot of things but having Eloy bunt in bottom of 10th is not one of them.
  11. 24 total balls taken by 7th inning by white sox hitters Unbelievable
  12. Colas has to play everyday in RF Remillard should play 2b and RF as needed. Bring up Sosa and have him play 2nd and some 3rd s%*# can Frazier, andrus
  13. If Andrus does not get DFA'd then there should be an investigation. Not only did he go after it nonchalant but he made a nonchalant throw to 1st. The effort is the worst thing I have seen all year..... Go watch the replay
  14. Sitting at sons b ball game watching in NBC sports app Can someone explain WTF Andrew Vaughn was doing? That was the most unprofessional AB I have seen in long time
  15. Get Gavin Sheets off this team and bring up Colas
  16. Medina about to settle in and go 6 innings of 2 run ball
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