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  1. Then we are the perfect team for him to face because we will chase everything he throws
  2. 9th inning yesterday was a perfect example of how discipline wins games. Moncada take a walk Anderson takes a walk Burger doesn't swing at crap and sits on a pitch and wins the game
  3. How about the fact that he sucks Damn......
  4. Jake burger gets the praise he deserves BUT when guys have productive AB's in front of him it leads to it When this team is patient they are a good hitting team
  5. Although Jake is just flailing away
  6. Best explanation yet of this team..... https://twitter.com/CST_soxvan/status/1665005819241328640?t=A6n7Rr0jabsBkmyAOquqlA&s=19
  7. I hate most on this team and organization BUT I'm learning to enjoy ROMY
  8. I think 7th would have been great spot for Hendricks
  9. I hope this kid throws a no hitter
  10. I pretty much hate most of this team and organization, BUT I have never gone from cheering for a baseball player to absolutely hoping he goes away. That is Tim Anderson for me. I hate this organization BUT what can I do.......I grew up on white sox baseball. This team hurts my heart
  11. I understand the frustration BUT we have got to realize that guys will need days off here and there. If we have any shot at the division then ...... 1. They have to stay healthy here on out 2. Backups have to produce 3. Our stars need to play like stars
  12. f*** off Anderson. Take a fucking pitch you joker. The guy just gave up his perfect game This is what baseball stupid looks like
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