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  1. I'm at the game and bunch of white sox fans yelling dont let him bat when zavala came up.
  2. Seby with a brutal AB. Just killed the whole momentum
  3. I dont like PH here. I want to see colas hit. He needs to learn from these situations
  4. I will be at game today and Thursday. Just want to see good baseball
  5. I have this organization one opportunity to rebuild and take my money for 3 years while they sucked and rebuild. I will not give them that again. They better add next year to the corre of Robert, cease, and whomever else wants to stay healthy and play well.
  6. I guess I will just root for the red Sox to beat the cubs ass
  7. Sorry I started this thread. Should have just watched other games. Can we do threads for the best game of the day in MLB?????
  8. Going to watch C LOS pitch v Rockies
  9. Just get rid of him. Addition by subtraction
  10. Anyone watch this kid Jarren Duran play for red Sox? The hustle and aggressiveness is out of this world Give me 7 of him and 2 Raphael devers
  11. Little league baseball team v MLB championship caliber team
  12. Ok, I'm 1-0 doing this. Lets see if we can bring some luck for good baseball in 2nd half....
  13. It is blah, blah, blah but I will say I like what I read from Anderson. He admits... "I have been going through a lot" I also am encouraged that he says his body is finally feeling better and normal Lets see if 2nd half shows that. My goal now for this team is not to win the division, that is not happening. I would like to see ..... *A winning 2nd half. *improved play from Anderson, Vaughn, colas *as much as many of us are done with him I want to see a healthy moncada and see what he does *i want to see Kopech take the next step *i want to see Santos become our closer and see what he does *i would like to see who gets traded and what we get. *most importantly, I want to see how the FO sets up the roster and team towards 2024 I hate this team and organization but there is talent here. Can they bring that talent out in these guys...
  14. 2Deep

    MLB Top 100

    I dont have a subscription either just going by what was tweeted
  15. Not sure where to put this so started a thread. Mods can move if in wrong place. With all the negativity I think this is encouraging. There are also other younger prospects who may Crack the list at some point....
  16. I dont understand the Vaughn hate. He is young and has a chance to be a really good hitter. He is still finding his way. He played ...what....3 weeks in the minors. I'm willing to be patient with Andrew. If the other guys in the lineup did what they were suppose to there would a lot less pressure on Andrew as he finds his way as a MLB hitter and 1B
  17. This is how I feel about the White Sox
  18. That was pretty cool
  19. These guys are human beings. Life happens, like having to get a divorce because thigs don't work out. Whether it's TA or GIO, it's really none of my business as long as they act like good human beings and try to right the wrongs and learn from their mistakes. I think for me it becomes my business when a guy is a dead beat of a human being and he plays for my favorite team. I don't want to root for guys like that and don't want my kids looking up to guys like that. I think this goes on with every team but it's only highlighted even more with the White Sox because they have gone from a fun, contending, loveable team to a absolute dumpster fire on the field. I think we are all frustrated with this team and organization because we do care. That's why it's easy to highlight things that go on with this team outside of baseball. Just my 2 cents
  20. Man.......so many hot takes here about draft picks when most know nothing about them OR not enough about them. I dislike this team and organization right now but willing to let these guys develop before making sweeping negative generalizations about them as players.
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