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  1. Thank you Fantastic..... I am wrong where I am wrong. But (personal opinion) this dude is as soft as they come
  2. How has he been mishandled? I hear this narrative a lot because en vogue to bash all things White Sox. I'm just curious as to why you feel this way..........
  3. Harold i always appreciate your thoughts and insight. Could you please elaborate on your excitement and why you think he's the guy for this organization? I want to give Getz a fair shot but all I heard from talking heads is that he is not qualified....
  4. To be Honest with you.......I don't believe these talking heads. No one knows what is going on and what is going to happen. I will hold off until something happens to make declarations.
  5. This organization deserves no sympathy but the local media seemed to jump to a lot of conclusions because it's en vogue to burry and beat on the White Sox (All deserved).
  6. This is a good move. It wasn't suppose to be this way but led by Kenny and Rick this organization fell on their faces. I was never a guy who disliked Kenny. Kenny always went for it and tried, sometimes foolishly. I thought Rick was a brilliant mind when he took over but it never worked and we found out that Rick was kind of a fraud who talked a impressive game. Moving on.......anyone who thinks that Getz or someone internal is going to be a GM doesn't see what is happening here. I dislike Jerry but if Jerry is going to fire Kenny then no one internally will get this job. I'm glad to see Jerry has a pulse and seems to be pissed at what has gone on. I'm excited for the next chapter but honestly I can't handle another 3-4 year rebuild. I want to see things turn around and this maybe a start.
  7. Dude can't hit a slider so you throw a 2 strike fastball down the middle
  8. I get the hate for Clevinger but if he pitches like this he needs to be on next years team.
  9. He did not go after him but had a conversation on the field before game with Jesse. Jesse was on espn1000 earlier in the week and said that he would have to face the music next time he was at us cellular. He said its the nature of the business when you write something like he did. Jesse is a cub loving tool.
  10. Great loss! Team competed. Seem to having fun... Eloy homored Brewers kept their lead on the cubs. I'm good
  11. I love that smile on yo yo face....... Tell me he doesn't care
  12. Man....the Keynan worship is on a roll. What if he was one of the dudes who was an issue in the clubhouse??
  13. Did anyone also catch Naylor running up to do something to Tim and then backing away when Tim hit the deck.........LOL Either Naylor Chickened out because he saw the rest of the WS team or he saw Tim may have already gotten hit pretty good.
  14. This is fricking hilarious I thought I would share.......
  15. The White Sox are a mess but I tend to believe Yazmani over anything Riordan has to say. He is a full fledged drama queen
  16. Pathetic He has not learned to throw strikes
  17. It would be nice if Anderson can speak up and tell his side to what may have been going on. Maybe he doesn't have a side to tell.
  18. Can someone explain what Ramirez is talking about when he says that Tim has been "disrespecting the game." What am I missing? What has Tim done to disrespect the game other than tag Ramirez "hard" which he did not like?? So many people have agreed with Ramirez but someone explain..... I'm not trying to be a jerk but just trying to understand what I'm missing....
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