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  1. Keep chasing high fast balls you can't hit. This is our player development
  2. Don't mind the approach when u swing at strikes
  3. Grandal is a corpse of what he use to be
  4. Sorry ass........ Approach to hitting Approach to playing baseball Coaches Players Organization
  5. This team gets worse by each day Lucas deserves better
  6. Lots of hate for TA playing 2nd. Look, I dislike this team just like all of you but nothing to hate here. A injured player wants to play bad enough and help the team any way he can where he's willing to shift his position. I appreciate the effort even if they suck
  7. 2Deep


    If he signs with WS then he will be hurt and become a flawed player
  8. You cannot put the game in bummer's hands there. Go with your best reliever in this scenario.....SANTOS
  9. Pedro strikes again. After Simien walked you have to take Middleton out.
  10. He's not dead yet. Coming off TJ, this was always going to be a caution year. Get him healthy with some innings under his belt for next year
  11. Why does he continue to play..... Why? Play anyone else
  12. Is Hahn going to address the media at all before the game?
  13. It reminds us that they are human and no matter how much they excite or disappoint, its only a game.
  14. I missed it Did Anderson get benched after double play?
  15. Can it just be a dead arm period after TJ Its going to take time and he has to pitch
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