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  1. This is a good move. Don't know how it turns out but scholtens has given you what you need. He's a journeyman facing a line up for 3rd time
  2. This team just can't hit. Lorenzen is pitching well but he has thrown meatballs over the middle. We pound into ground or foul off
  3. Pathetic offense. 10k's v some jabroni pitcher. Have no clue of what a slider looks like. Just keep swinging away. Garbage
  4. Not sure where to put this............ https://twitter.com/MLBastian/status/1661825499671175184?s=20
  5. We are not sweeping Detroit. They are playing good baseball. We need to be realistic as this is a jog not a sprint to the end of the season. You keeping jogging at a good pace and you will be fine. 4 of 4 from Detroit would be unexpected and awesome 3 of 4 from Detroit this weekend would be great 2 of 4 from Detroit makes that sinking feeling come back again 1 of 4 from Detroit and you can pretty much play the funeral march We won't talk about anything else. So I will gladly be satisfied with 3 of 4
  6. I don't think you want to push Grandal and lose him for an extended period of time.
  7. I don't mind the lineup. At some point guys like TA and AV have to start producing and hitting. They both have been pretty Misérable lately, maybe they will both get hot at the same time. I know we won't get this line/up for more then 3 days because someone will be hurt but imagine this..... TA (SS) Bennintendi (LF) Robert (CF) Yoan (3B) Eloy (DH) AV (1B) Grandal (C) Burger (2nd- if this is not a disaster) Sheets/Fraizer (RF)
  8. Needed the win. Need to win tomorrow to keep momentum going. I have enjoyed Clint Fraizer's AB's. He has worked counts and put together good AB's
  9. This is Cleveland We will regret not scoring there
  10. I like Romy. I want him to do well. Even if he hits .250 .....he is an upgrade over anything we have
  11. There you go......lead off walk in a tied game where u can't score runs. Wonder what happens here...
  12. This game is done. Cease will pitch well, we won't do s%*# at the plate, and guardians will add on late. I have seen this movie
  13. So does that mean we Move Yoan because he might not win the Gold glove? Anyone who watches the White Sox cannot tell me they are not a better team defensively when Yoan is playing 3rd base.
  14. Moving Yoan to 2nd base narrative needs to stop. Short sighted WS fans want to move a potential gold glove 3rd baseman to play a position that he did not play well when tried earlier in his career. This is such a white sox thing. I agree Burger needs to play but not by moving Yoan.
  15. Tomorrow is a big game for momentum and if this team is going to try and turn the season around You have to win Tomorrow!
  16. Clevinger is shaky ......I would take 5 and get him out
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