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  1. Oh I like Blake Larson. This dude has a chance to be nasty.
  2. Lets keep that HS SS thing going. How about Tyler Bell or Eddie Rynders.
  3. Seattle is a good fit for Sloan. They took Izzy a couple years ago and he had things he needed to work on and he seems to be trending in the right direction.
  4. I'd love to see Sloan if that number comes down. Owen Hall would be a great pick too.
  5. Brecht got killed early in the process. He has well below avg extension. Same with Yesavage. If the Rockies can lengthen him out they have a top of the rotation stud.
  6. I hate agreeing with Callis but I have to here. I love JD Dix too. That dude is gonna hit.
  7. I hope Houston takes Tommy White. They like douchebags.
  8. Shirley was at Smith's game against Oregon St where many said it was the best college pitched game they had ever seen.
  9. He supposedly has bad hip something that will contribute to long term soft tissue injuries.
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