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  1. That's not how it's set up. He has final say if a move is made but he doesn't initiate trades or free agent signings.
  2. Being aggressive and creative is a way out but Hahn thinks those words are punchlines. He's really the worst possible GM under Reinsdorf. 11 years and he still thinks he can sit back and outsmart everyone while he continues to fail. I know people like to laugh at how Kenny did things but at least he understood what he had to do to win.
  3. I think they do something at catcher. There's too much smoke there. I don't think it's gonna be as big as Murphy or Salvy but I think they're gonna do something.
  4. It's becoming my favorite annual tradition.
  5. You're clearly forgetting the s%*# f*** pitcher they signed for $12M.
  6. Those Dodger numbers are "padded" (can you pad stats so atrocious?) from hitting at least 1 home run off a position player. I'm not sure how many position player pitchers he dominated in NY.
  7. This stat absolutely kills me. Mr HIT THE BALL IN THE AIR! has 3 career sac flies and Abreu Mr ALL HE DOES IS HIT THE BALL ON THE GROUND has 49 career sac flies. That's the difference between being a professional run producing hitter and a s%*# garbage time bullshit meaningless stat hitter.
  8. AJ Prellers balls are made of granite. Rick Hahn's are grape jelly.
  9. I'm gonna hate this team more than last years team. I didn't think that was possible.
  10. This is just a speed bump on the road to multiple championships.
  11. The Phillies took Noah Song. He has a great story. Navy kid he's pitched half a season in the minors. He has big stuff. Hope he sticks.
  12. They don't have money to sign a free agent so they will probably have to wait for the free agent dust to settle before they make a trade.
  13. These teams just don't get it. Why sign a great player to be great when you can sign 5 shitty players and hope they're all not shitty.
  14. TJ Nichols is a guy that should check a lot of boxes for them. He has good size, a short quick arm action and is a pretty good athlete. If he performs like he should and the stuff ticks up a bit he could be in the mix for them too.
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