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  1. The only thing missing from this "presser" is Dusty Baker's kid sitting on Hahn's lap. He's such a p****.
  2. I don't expect much. Hahn can't blame the manager then turn around and over-haul his F'd up roster. He might sign or trade for a dead cat bounce guy as insurance for Colas. Pederson or Verdugo fit the bill. Other than that it will be a couple different bullpen arms and utility players and go get em boys!
  3. So dropping a ball that lands in the middle of your fucking glove isn't an error anymore.
  4. Andrus is on one of the greatest contract drives of all time. He's trying to erase 5 years of being a total shitbag in 5 weeks.
  5. I was told they wanted to send him to the minors this summer but they had too many players injured. I hope they finally had enough of his bullshit and get his tired ass out of here.
  6. I fucking love it when guys take extra bases on the corner first basemen.
  7. Why just hit one when you can turn and burn on another! 💣🚀
  8. Giolitos' arb number next year is going to make it difficult to tender him a contract.
  9. Boy hoping they lose every game has been working out remarkably well.
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