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  1. The guy he's replacing wasn't a five and dive guy so they should at least sign a guy who will give them a better 5 innings than Clevenger is capable of giving.
  2. Clevenger is at best a 5 and dive guy. With limited money to spend this move does very little to move the needle.
  3. Anyone who gives Dombrowski "heat" for trading prospects to try to win the WS is unsmart.
  4. Sure they do and Reynolds is just one example. There's lots of good players they should be targeting.
  5. I think they should try something new like getting a player that is actually good (Bryan Reynolds) instead of a player that is bad (Cody Bellinger) that they hope will be good but will likely remain bad.
  6. Bellinger has to show he's finally willing to make an adjustment. He's been a crap hitter for 3 years and he'll continue to be a crap hitter if all he wants to do is take 3 daddy hacks and make a right turn. Why it took him to get dfa'd to finally realize he needs to change his approach is beyond me and probably a sign that he's happy doing what he's doing. If that's the case I hope he enjoys Oakland.
  7. He's a black hole at a premium defensive position. He does less harm at 1B or DH.
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