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  1. Makes sense.....I think thats what he said
  2. Greg, I realized this week that it was too painful for me to keep watching. The last 2 games I have not watched and just tracked game here and there on phone. My kid is a die hard and watches every game. He's heading off to college in fall and has decided he can't watch anymore. There is no joy in the household with sports until bears start. We are suppose to go to LA in June to watch white sox v angels and New York in July to watch white sox v Mets and now reconsidering it. This organization and this team has killed our enthusiasm for baseball.
  3. Have a good night everyone I can't watch this trash anymore
  4. Keller has settled in and we will be swinging at every pitch. A nice 6 inning outing coming for keller
  5. That was absolutely terrible. You have keller on ropes and..... Vaughn grounds into DP on a absolute hanger Robert does not swing at one strike and strikes out I hate stupid baseball
  6. Shitty lineup. I guess moncada will be out another month.
  7. Why the F is gregory Santos pitching in this situation???
  8. Absolutely This can't keep happening. Look we suck but we have talented arms that should not be getting hit the way they are Something is seriously wrong and broken with the pitching staff and game planning
  9. This game passes me off so much. How does this clown 🤡 team score 12 or more with you ace pitching How can they be sitting on every pitch that comes up. This is shitty game planning and scared ass pitching
  10. That is just brutal pitching by Cease. Not challenging guys, trying to nibble and walking bottom of line up. Brutal!
  11. I apologize if I missed it, just catching up right now…. is there any updates on Moncada?
  12. This is nice!!! Need something like this Kopech for 6 Peralta for 3 Save the pen
  13. He has nothing Game will be over soon
  14. Every series we let 2 guys kill us. What the F is Katz telling these guys
  15. 3 depressing AB's F'ing terrible. This team doesn't give a s%*#
  16. Dunn also batted .159 for rest of the year. I think the Sox are being cautious with the 4-6 week estimate because they have been raked over coals by fans and media about their injury time lines ....like yoan (was suppose to be out for a series)
  17. Just kind of catching up here..... What a s%*# performance from Tim Anderson. I expect nothing from Hanser But I do expect Tim to drive in a run from 3rd with less then 2 outs. He crapped on himself twice (2nd time chasing ball 3 on 2-0 with bases loaded). That is essence of i want to be the hero
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