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  1. fify just this would be a start for this dogshit franchise
  2. Schriffen going on about Maldonado's resurgence again. Everytime i put these boners on my tv he's got an erection for Maldonado. Once agin shut the f*** up b****
  3. Schriffen moaning about the umps, like shut the f*** up b****. What do you know about what is and isn't a strike? You don't know s%*# Also I am drunk
  4. Wait, is this "Kopech and his spikes" thing real? Is it over my head?
  5. This home plate ump is horrible
  6. You're correct but the odds of them being mediocre and getting a top 2 pick are slim to none. They've done it in a poor way but if this all leads to Harper or Flagg, so be it. Unfortunately that likely means AK/BD stick around so maybe it won't matter
  7. Anyone ever watch the pregame? Ozzie just said the Sox need better at bats and Frank said he's "turning the curb" on the pitching staff After commercial they're going to discuss "what's wrong with Eloy" Spoiler alert guys: he sucks ass
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