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  1. Bills don't play in Buffalo Cowboys don't play in Dallas Dolphins don't play in Miami Rams and Chargers don't play in LA 49ers don't play in Sam Francisco Jets and Giants don't play in New York Commanders don't play in Washington Who cares? The Bears could play in Harvey, Ford Heights or god damn Carbondale. I'll still be a fan
  2. The Sox want a shitty 2B. Where have I heard that before?
  3. I'm truly not sure how much longer I can follow this team. Absolute losers all around.
  4. Will Reinsdorf sell the team or give it to his son so he can f*** them up even more just like he has the Bulls?
  5. It's one thing to suck as a GM. It's another to suck as a GM and be a smug b***h about it. Hahn is the latter
  6. JDG hasn't pitched 100 innings in 3 years. The Rangers are lost
  7. Kenny will be so shocked when Judge turns down their 7 year $190M offer
  8. It's shaping up to be Long or Ozzie, isn't it?
  9. What does winning have to do with where Harris grew up?
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