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  1. Kenny will be so shocked when Judge turns down their 7 year $190M offer
  2. It's shaping up to be Long or Ozzie, isn't it?
  3. If this has been posted already, my bad
  4. What does winning have to do with where Harris grew up?
  5. Get the f*** outta here, b****
  6. If he needed rest why did it take a month to IL him? Rick Hahn retire b****
  7. Randy Arozarena became the first Cuban since Canseco to have a 20 HR/30 SB season. Remember when Robert was going to do that annually? What a joke
  8. I have tickets for the Yankees game in 6 days. I may, too, see history
  9. So the moron who probably had a say in the tweet below?
  10. Ask and you shall receive Robert is done for
  11. Why does this organization keep bad players around so long? Ruiz, Leury, and there's probably a few more I'm forgetting. What a joke
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