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  1. Maybe he can make up for his second TJ with another 1.000 OPS year
  2. Outside of April, when has Kelenic been a good offensive player?
  3. Mike Monaco might suck but at least he isn't corny! Drrrr
  4. Benetti quotes to the athletic last year: Benetti signed a new two-year White Sox contract in late January. But as he told the Sun-Times on Feb. 2, the talks were “kind of a pain.” “I would push back on that I’m not happy to be here,” he said. “Because I absolutely am. I promise you I wouldn’t be in the booth if I didn’t want to be here and they didn’t want me on some level as well. But I don’t like being told what to say. And I want to be emotionally honest, with what matters to me like that. The two instances you brought up are frustrating to me. Because, well, because I love doing this so much.”
  5. He was pissed off last year about his contract. He probably got lowballed again and had it. He's too busy for the Sox doing other stuff but not the Tigers? That's a cop out answer from the worst organization in sports. Everyone can be happy now when they have some wanker in the booth who's dead ass serious as the team loses 105 games!
  6. Yeah almost and then it dribbled into the OF
  7. How did that dipshit PR only get to second?
  8. Houston astros, still abiding by the unwritten rules. What a joke
  9. Do you disagree? The quote was: AZ has built a super young wild card team, has been a top farm for years now. They are led by one of the most complete players in baseball and he’s in year 2. It’s a great place to pick for player dev. In 2020, the Sox had built a super young playoff team & had been a top farm for years. They were led by one of the most conplete players in baseball (Robert) See how Hahn did the same thing now?
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