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  1. It's a more victory for anyone who doesn't watch it
  2. The White Sox have basically put the fans on the "pay no mind" list, so yeah, they should suffer.
  3. It's going to be a long 20 years with Getz in charge
  4. Won't happen, but you know Jerry isn't going to move the team. This ends when Jerry dies. Not one second before.
  5. Whatever makes Jerry mad. He's not getting a dime from me this year.
  6. I would argue if anything has something to Jerry a new owner would immediately give Getz the ax
  7. No surprises here. Chris Getz is awful. At least I won't have to buy the whole board churros.
  8. If Getz wasn't the laughing stock of the MLB, he is now.
  9. Well this thing is effectively dead. Why bother with 2024?
  10. EPL is not an example for any league. Relegation just destroys the profitability of certain teams. The only way to get parity is to create it via a salary cap or at least more restrictions than they have now.
  11. I get the feeling it's a combination of Fanatics and Nike.
  12. It's the least ownership deserves. The fact that anyone cares is a miracle. It's like getting into a cab and the cab drive throws it into reverse.
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