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  1. He nailed his grifol speech prediction. Very first words out of his mouth were pretty much exact. “Kopech just didn’t have command tonight”
  2. Has anyone let Eloy know he’s supposed to try to get the ball back to the infield as quickly as possible? Maybe it’s a lack of coaching
  3. He does have the highest walk rate on the team
  4. I bet Ohtani slept like a baby last night while visions of sugar plums danced in his head.
  5. Yeah I fall asleep on these half the time, to be honest
  6. I was referring to your trolling of caulfield. you were implying he was being deceptive for using quotations. When in fact he used them correctly. I don’t agree with mods casting aspersions on users like that.
  7. So what? I don’t expect people on a message board to necessarily use proper grammar, but in the case where they do, I also wouldn’t expect them to be trolled by a mod who doesn’t know what he’s talking about either
  8. I get the mods here like to troll users but at least get your facts right when you do
  9. Lmao ok, if you say so pal. Not sure why you have such a hard time admitting when you’re clearly wrong, but whatever
  10. It is an actual quote. He quoted the headline of the article. Otherwise he is using someone else’s verbiage as his own
  11. Yeah you don’t use quotes for your own headline, but if it is someone else’s headline that you are citing, then it goes in quotes. That IS an attribution. How’s this even debatable. This is middle school stuff
  12. League average slashline is at .245/.316/.406 Vaughn is .240/.329/.439 He’s a major leaguer at this point, he’s got to work it out in the majors. Nothing he can do at AAA he can’t do here, and since the Sox aren’t competitive there is no reason not to let him do it
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