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  1. Can we change the title to 'Rick Hahn resigned'...just for fun?
  2. IMO Clevinger slots as one of the top 5th starters in baseball. There's an awful lot of upside here now that he's 2 years out from TJS. That said, yes the staff is a bit shaky in the health department and Hahn really needs to come through with better depth than he has in recent years.
  3. Yep and Josh Naylor alone has done way more than either Madrigal or Dunning.
  4. Or maybe he wants to play on a contender where he has the chance to stick it to Cleveland? If offers were similar, that could have tilted him slightly to the Sox? Just spitballing.
  5. I don't want to speak for the other poster you quoted. But someone predicting that 2 players who were better than Giolito in 22 will be better than him again in 23 isn't really hate or even going that far out on a limb.
  6. Seeing how the rest of his career played out, that was a good decision . And he probably cost the Sox a World Series title in 93 with his God awful performance against Toronto.
  7. I'd be good with this. It's a typical White Sox move. They buy high on relievers and utility infielders, and buy low on most everything else. If this happens, hopefully it works again like it did with Cueto
  8. If we had a serious big market owner, the move to make would be moving Anderson to RF and then signing one of the big name shortstops. But we have Jerry.
  9. Kepler has had some huge games against the Sox, so it probably feels like he is better than he really is. Cant imagine the Sox and Twins trading though, especially while they both hope to win the division.
  10. Maybe if Jerry waits until after Christmas, he can save himself from paying out holiday bonuses. Gotta save that money for lining the coffin.
  11. It would be a very KW-like signing. But I doubt they can fit him in to their reduced payroll.
  12. A lot of guys are coming off career worst years or close to it, whether by performance, health or both. Some won't improve. I think some will. If it exceeds a logically expected outcome, some real good things can happen here. I also think the removal of Menechino and La Russa will be a big boost. As bad as last year felt in so many different ways, they still were a .500 team. Every year we see teams make a big jump. The Sox don't even have that big of a jump to make. They're already a .500 team when pretty much everything under the sun went wrong (except Cease). Again, I'm not saying it's likely. But it's not even likely for the favorite. This team absolutely can win the World Series.
  13. I've seen you say this at least twice in this thread. You should know better than to say that. I'm not saying it's likely. But if a couple of these rebuild guys finally get their s%*# together and blow up, this team could be world beaters.
  14. I'm not an expert on Dodger prospects, but isn't Outman considered more of a potential bench or platoon player.... than a guy we would trade one of the top closers in baseball for?
  15. Eh, as competitive as possible, while slashing payroll to satisfy Reinsdorf's bank account.
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