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  1. It feels like you're selling really low right now on Luis. Unless he gets white hot in the next few weeks, I doubt we will like any of the offers.
  2. If the A's can find a town to help fund them a stadium, then any team can.
  3. I'm glad the Sox didn't get impatient and trade him a few months ago. He's already rebuilding his value. This is good.
  4. I dont disagree with you. A move to Arlington would clearly be remaking the fanbase to a degree. It probably would grow immensely.
  5. I've long thought the Chicago suburbs are one of the most untapped fertile sports grounds in this country. All of our 'local' professional teams are deep in the city, which makes going to a game a large ordeal for most suburban fans. Particularly during the week. This all screams Arlington Park to me. The land is big enough for 2 stadiums, plus all the hotels, restaurants, bars, parking, etc. They can get the state to pitch in for infrastructure of one location. There's already a metra station there...
  6. Increased spending on what? Catchers and relief pitchers? Because we know he won't ever spend for top players on the market. See the Manny machado/Bryce Harper debacle. And he is afraid to commit to starting pitchers as well.
  7. As a lifelong Sox fan who is now in my early 50's, I never in my life thought I would take this position. But if this jerk who has refused to spend the money to run a decent franchise thinks we're going to hand him another billion dollars...he can go f himself and take his damn team to Nashville or wherever he wants to go. I'm so done with Reinsdorf. This feels like we're all being setup for one final fu from Reinsdorf before he passes away.
  8. But what if he falls short of being an ok regular? It's gotta be hard to pass up being set for life.
  9. I think the problem is - a lot of people posting in this thread live in a fairytale land where Cease's value is remotely near what it was a year ago. The White Sox need to either accept poor value back for him or gamble that he repairs his value a bit during the season while still here.
  10. I haven't posted a lot in this thread. But I said in the beginning of the off-season that if you trade Cease now, you're selling low on him. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that the alleged offers are mediocre. If I'm the Sox, I roll the dice and let him start the season with us. Yes you're risking another off year further lowering his value - as you are also risking catastrophic failure if he gets injured. But if he has a dominant month or two to start the season, his trade value returns to 2022 levels. You dont have to wait until the trade deadline to move him if he starts out hot. That's what I would bet on. Given the sorry state of the White Sox franchise as we stand right now, what really do we have to lose by waiting and taking that risk?
  11. Isn't everyone tired of bobbleheads yet? I used my favorite giveaway today actually. It was the White Sox winter trapper hat. That hat is awesome in crappy cold and windy days when you're snow blowing.
  12. This is crazy. I feel like I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan now.
  13. Seems pricey for what he brings. But I'm happy for Lucas.
  14. Good for Dodger fans. But I can't help but think them buying all the best players will erode baseball's national popularity over time.
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