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  1. Judge will be 31 early in the season and has the big body type that tends to not age very well. Harper and Machado were 26 when they were free agents and were about as good of free agent superstar bets as you'll ever see - as people said at the time. That isn't Monday morning quarterbacking here.
  2. That's a case of not seeing the forest through the trees. JR suffers from the same problem. Harper's contract would have largely paid for itself already.
  3. The 'spread the risk' method is largely what they've done over the years and it continues to not work. I am one who will quickly push the JR is cheap narrative that you 'hate', but I won't be saying anything about Aaron Judge. It just feels like a bad contract waiting to happen, and with our current ownership, a bad contract of that magnitude would cripple the franchise for a long time. I actually don't like much of anything for the Sox this year with a high price tag. There were better targets in recent years and the Sox didn't pull the trigger for whatever their reasons (we all know what they are).
  4. If the White Sox think there's a chance of that happening, then you don't consider moving him.
  5. Bell, Reynolds and Colas in the regular lineup goes a long way towards solving the problem of not hitting RH pitchers.
  6. 20 mil or slightly over. Reynolds contract is cheap, which is all the more reason his value will sore high. But more important as far as our budget-minded owner is concerned, nowhere near as long of a commitment as Nimmo will demand.
  7. I would go #2 because of keeping Montgomery. But Jerry isn't spending the cash to sign Nimmo, so that's a moot point. I'm assuming Bell would be significantly cheaper.
  8. He checks all the boxes for what this team needs. Power, on base, good defense, can mash RH pitching. If you could pull off a trade that doesn't include Colas, the Sox could have a potential monster outfield of Colas, Robert and Reynolds. At this point - why not, if you could pull that off, which you probably couldn't? The time to go for it is now. This team probably won't be all that great several years from now. Put all chips in and see where it goes.
  9. I would be ok with this as a base for an offer. As long as Jerry is willing to spend more money. Because then he needs to pay a 1B like Josh Bell.
  10. Yeah we're not going to be able to do this thanks to the Sox mediocre prospect pool. Thanks Rick!
  11. Hey, I would love Judge being signed. It's not my money . But they wont do it. Reinsdorf is risk-averse, and Aaron judge carries massive risk. He's not going to give 300 mil to a soon to be 31 year old with a big body (big body's tend to break down faster).
  12. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado were very young free agents (26 if I recall right) due to starting in the show at a young age. Yes that was absolutely the time to sign one of those guys to anchor this rebuild. You wouldn't have just had one of them for 2019. They would have been here in 20, 21, 22, and long after that. And everyone said it at the time - there wont be guys like them to sign in the years after that that were as young talented and there for the taking. They needed to pounce. They declined to make an offer for Harper, and lowballed Machado with an offer they knew he wouldn't accept. Congrats on being the only Sox fan to not understand this!
  13. It's a weird argument you're making. In that, if they had spent more money in some of those years, they would have been more contenders. So you're using their lack of effort to contend as an excuse to not spend, so they can contend. It's a big circle jerk. And honestly, which big market owners are so frugile? New York, SF, LA and Chicago are the big 4 cities where owners should be top 10 or damn close every year. Is Jerry a bigger spender than any of those owners? Those are the teams he should be spending neck and neck with - the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Mets, Yankees and Cubs.
  14. What is a contention winner? lol You've spun this conversation around since you lost the debate about Jerry's spending. I actually don't disagree if someone were to say the Sox could win the World Series if a bunch of things fall right. That doesn't mean the rebuild wasnt in a better position a couple years ago. Their time to really spend was several years ago. For example - IMO - signing Bryce Harper when he was a free agent and practically begging for a team to pay him, would have been a more impactful move than even signing Aaron Judge this winter would be. There would have been more benefit at the previous point in time, while you still had Giolito's prime, it was before Moncada's decline, etc.
  15. Wait - in every decade they've had a top payroll once out of those 10 years? Are you even serious here? Do you understand Chicago is a big market? They should have a top 5 payroll more often than not. And they should be in the top 10 every year.
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