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  1. Expanding to 32 teams makes more sense for the MLB verses having a historic 123 year old American League franchise move to a new town. Its a horrible look for baseball. Listen, the White Sox have a poor history (overall), but most of this is due to Jerry's poor ownership. I'm not sure how the MLB gets involved in ownership changes/ franchise relocations, but I would hope the MLB would intervene and promote a franchise sale verses a relocation with the same lame ass ownership group led by Jerry.
  2. So the 5th pick this year because of 101 losses and the 10th pick in 2025 because of 105 losses? Fun!
  3. I think teams will overpay this winter once all the free agent chips officially fall. Anything less than two top 100 prospects should'nt even be considered. It's not like the White Sox have quality scouts in place to locate players deep in other organizations systems. They can't afford to screw this one up. Get Baltimore involved and see what happens...
  4. Set your calendars. Live from the winter meetings on December 5th at 2:30pmCT, the White Sox will learn their first round fate of the 2024 MLB draft. They currently have a 14.70% chance of landing that top pick in the draft. The only positive of the horrendous 2023 campagn are the increased chances of landing a premier talent. Cheers to something positive for once. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2024-mlb-draft-order-lottery-odds/
  5. Cease to Baltimore makes too much sense. The O's have so many position players in their deep system, and they are prime WS contenders. Hopefully they miss out on the expensive SP FA class and get desperate for Cease. I'm sure if NY or TB get involved in the Cease sweepstakes, they'll pounce. My respect for Getz would grow if he can net 2 of their top 6 guys for Cease.
  6. Oh no! But who will be the vocal host of Soxfest this year? Oh wait....... nevermind.
  7. Finally some honesty from the front office. I have no problem with what he said and hope has a productive offseason attempting to clean this mess up.
  8. He was a -2.0 WAR player last year and has averaged only 118 games per season during his career. I’m sure some of his offensive decline was due to injuries. However, between his personal issues, getting knocked out in Cleveland and decline defensively at SS, I can’t blame Getz for not taking that club option. Back in the day, when TA was locked in and hitting, he was the spark plug for the lineup. Sadly, with his subpar defensive (at best), when TA isn’t hitting, he’s more of a liability. The best case scenario for Timmy is to make the shift over to 2B and hope to rebound offensively on a 1 year deal somewhere on a winning team. As far as the Sox go, I sure hope they are not rushing Montgomery up next year. He needs one more full season down in the minors. On a positive note, the Sox only have $118 million committed to the 2024 roster as it stands. Getz appears to have $$ to spend this winter. Unless Scrooge McDuck significantly reduces payroll… It sure will be an interesting winter. I’m not sure how Getz can convince any FA to come to the White Sox?
  9. Kim Ng will accept a team's orgizational offer to be the President of baseball ops. It just wont be with the White Sox. Jerry made it clear that he wants ONE sole voice at the top. He eliminated Kenny's position after he terminated both he and Hahn. The problem is, Jerry rushed the promotional hire of Getz and didn't even entertain the idea of interviewing outside people. And today, sadly-- an awesome candidate becomes available and you suddenly don't have a position for her. One thing I wouldn't overlook (which goes against Jerry's history) is the fact if 2024 is a complete failure as most of us expect it to be, does Jerry do the unthinkable and fire a GM after one season and bring in Kim Ng (pending she is still seeking employment) ?
  10. The White Sox were pretty close to moving to Addison back in the day in the late 80's. I do think people are over analyzing the geographic pride dymnamic. As mentioned on this board earlier, if it makes more financial sense to move to a suburb, I think they'll make the move. The Arlington Heights idea to link up with the Bears on all of that land makes sense. If the idea of landing that far north really does deter fans from following the team, Naperville makes a ton of sense. That suburb just keeps growing and growing. Regardless, it does actually seem like the 2029 season will indeed be the final year the Sox play at GRF. I think the idea of a new ownership group and a potential new stadium in the chicagoland area is actually quite exciting. If the Rays announced their stadium plans 3.5 years before the end of thier lease at Tropicana, the time is near for the White Sox to announce thier stadium plans. We are talking a decision should be made near the end of the 2026 season the latest. I'm not so sure a 90 year old owner should be leading the charge on this at that time.
  11. The Rays lease at Tropicana ends after the 2027 season. Their new stadium should be ready by 2028. That’s about 5 years of building and planning. The Sox GRF lease ends after the 2029 season with a potential club option for 2030. If the White Sox are to purchase a new site, they will likely have to make this decision no later than after the 2025 season. I’m not so sure it’s in the best interest of the city of Chicago, its fanbase and the MLB to let an 89 year old owner make this critical decision.
  12. Yep. Sox really don’t have much of anything of quality on the main roster. Outside of Robert and maybe Cease, it’s a big pile of shitty players and unknowns. I’m thinking TA might bring you back something decent at the trade deadline if he finally stays healthy and performs at his former rate. The jury is still out on Andrew Vaughn. But he would definitely need to take that next step in 2024 to obtain any sort of value. Moncada and Eloy will essentially be paid to leave if Getz decides to go down that route. Those two names will be the biggest names to watch this offseason. Can Getz even bring anything of value for Eloy? And will Jerry even allow Getz to DFA Moncada and his $24 million salary? The more I talk about this potential 2024 roster destruction and construction, the more I realize this team will likely not be able to compete until 2025 minimum. But when it’s time to finally rebuild a winner, will Jerry give Getz the necessary resources to go for it financially? I think we all know the answer to that question.
  13. It was an interesting podcast. The one thing that caught my attention is the fact that Beckham said Getz and him had multiple conversations about how Getz would have traded certain players when they were at their peak values (selling high). This was something that Hahn obviously struggled with. He held onto certain guys for too long. I’ll be interested to see if Getz is bold enough to sell high on specific guys moving forward in an effort to fill other needs. Tampa Bay is brilliant at this. Tampa likely has a much more advanced scouting department though. The Sox current scouting department is trash. Will Jerry give him the necessary financial resources to fix that mess? Only time will tell. If Jerry doesn’t, it will likely be the same old crappy white sox.
  14. The late 80's Sox teams were brutal. The 90's and 2000's teams overall were fun to watch. The 2010's were a nightmare during the final Ozzie seasons and the Robin years. But this 2023 season has been an absolute train wreck from the top down. Jerry finally makes the right decision to fire KW and RH, but decides to immediately dilute any sort of hope by doing the lazy internal approach by bringing in Getz. And Getz made the immediate lazy approach by keeping arguably the worst White Sox manager of my lifetime in Pedro Grifol. As a Sox fan, i'm at a loss. I have no hope. The roster is beyond flawd. The manager is brutal. The GM is unworthy and inexperienced and the owner is hijacking any sort of hope in 2025 by attempting to patchwork a roster in 2024. A roster that currently has flaws all over the place. Yeah....this is bad. It's really bad. I think we all know that this will be bad until Jerry is officially gone. It sucks, because i'll always love this team. But I know, putting in alot of effort as a fan is not worth it anymore. I won't be following other teams, but I will definitley watch less baseball. I'll watch playoff baseball every year. But this regular season, I haven't watched a whole bunch. This is in part of the shitstorm that is white sox baseball. Thanks a lot, Jerry!
  15. Jerry= Mr. Internal Hire. Even when the system is bleeding internally. He simply doesn't want an outsider coming into his country club and rock the boat. He would rather lose than hire someone from the outside that is bold enough to make the neccessary whole sale changes that this team desperately needs. Jerry needs to go! #SellTheTeam
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