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  1. Yep. Said the same B.S. last winter when they didn't add any significant players. He also said at the trade deadline in 2022 they'll be aggressive if the right offer comes along. We know how that turned out. The guy is full of crap. His interviews are meaningless. If anything, the more he speaks- the more he patronizes us fans. It's insulting.
  2. My guess is they offer Benintendi a 3 year deal loaded with incentives. WIth 50 RBI's he'll earn a years worth of Jewel-Osco coupons, a $200 gas gift card and a 2 year subscription to HBO Max. Sadly, he'll decline and take a contract elsewhere with real guaranteed $$.
  3. I feel like were all conditioned to be like the 'old man' from A Christmas Story. Disguntled Sox fans. Ownership has wronged the fans for generations. Especially when the Sox traded Bullfrog for four-eyed Shottenhoffer, a utility infielder.
  4. Why add talent in your contention window, when you can subtract talent and save money? This is a no brainer to Jerry’s wallet. At this stage, every Sox fan should be pissed. I can’t believe we endured that dogcrap rebuild just for Jerry to cry poor when it’s time to compete. Jerry, do us all a favor and sell the damn team.
  5. When isn't he having a bad day? Dude is awful at his job.
  6. To further piss off White Sox fans even more, I’m waiting for the following news to drop soon: “BREAKING, White Sox bring Ventura out of retirement, will be their next manager. Nightengale first to report” It sounds silly. But nothing is out of the realm of possibilities for this inept White Sox front office. They suck. A triumvirate of clowns🤡
  7. I don’t. But the sad part is, we can only hope these knuckleheads finally connect on a trade. I have plenty of doubts.. They’ll find more ways to screw it up.
  8. How the Hell is this guy still the GM? If he wants to re-earn our respect, he can start by resigning. But since that won’t happen, a bold trade or 2 this winter would be nice. This team is flawed beyond comprehension. This administration has failed us time and time and time and time again. Perhaps the 18th times a charm? 🥴🤡
  9. This was expected, but glad it’s official. How about the next issue? When is the announcement that Hahn is let go from his duties as VP of baseball ops? Or better yet, when will KW announce that he has resigned from his duties as president of baseball ops? Or better yet, when will the White Sox be listed for sale? Changes across the board are needed and long overdue. Not just the manager and coaching staff. Heck, even if Jerry doesn’t sell, it’ll be nice to have Michael Reinsdorf takeover and clean house.
  10. I get all the “Fire Tony” chants, he’s made quite a few head scratching calls this season. It’s pretty clear, he’s anti metrics and trusts his “gut” more. Gee, way to utilize resources, old man! This guy is borderline narcissistic and ridiculously stubborn. Time to move on from this bizarre attempt to right a wrong from 30+ years ago. Unfortunately, the Sox issues go behind TLR. I truly don’t understand why Jerry puts these financial limits on the team when they netted well over $180-$200 million in profits during the rebuild. And even if JR did go cheap, (and we all know he never lets his GM’s sign the megastars), Rick Hahn and KW have a top 10 payroll this year. Their offseason’s attempt to augment the roster was pathetic. The issues with the roster were obvious after that butt whooping by Houston in the ALDS, yet they only focused on the bullpen and bench. And let’s be honest, Harrison is a bench player at this stage of his career. They had plenty of opportunities to sign free agents, make bold trades and bolster the rotation, but they sat on their hands and cried poor. The Pollock trade was okay at the time. At least they got something decent back from Kimbrel, but the RF hole should have been filled by a lefty slugger. The plethora of injuries this team seems to always have is another major issue with this organization. Why can’t these guys stay healthy? Are they soft? Do they not train enough? TLR openly admitting these guys don’t hustle down to first base to avoid injury is embarrassing. A new regime is long overdue. Can we trust Hahn to re-tool when his original rebuild and roster construction failed? Why do the Padres, Cardinals, and Dodgers always have the right pieces to land the big fish in trades? Why can’t the Sox develop the prospects to become desirable pieces to other clubs? It seems like only the top international guys and first/second rounders are the ones who make it… Is it a bad organizational approach? Is it piss poor scouting? Shitty coaching? I just don’t get it. The day Jerry sells the organization will be a beautiful day. (Assuming the Sox stay in the Chicagoland area). It’s obvious his loyalty to people who aren’t very good at their jobs is what’s hurting this team and it’s fans. KW, Hahn and TLR all need to go. But for that to happen, Jerry needs to go first. And I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. And if Michael Reinsdorf eventually takes over, whose to say he won’t carry on his Daddy’s legacy by keeping around his Daddy’s favorite people? If that happens— don’t expect much change. So here’s to us, waiting around, hoping Hahn makes decent trades this weekend. I mean, do we have a choice as die hard sox fans?
  11. Any chance the Sox can pry Jazz Chisholm away from Miami?
  12. Thank you for providing the financial and on-field value of Eloy. It’s ridiculously low right now with all of his injuries. It’s more proof that the White Sox simply don’t have enough prospect/ young player capital to execute such move. Most teams don’t. The only thing that caught my attention about this Soto thing is the looming sale of the Nationals. It might be more challenging to sell a franchise with a $400 million contract on the books.. The Marlins pretty much gave Stanton away to get his contract off the books. Perhaps the Nationals will attempt to gut another teams farm system before they lose him for nothing in 2025? Or perhaps they simply hold onto him and hope new ownership Is willing to give him a record $400+ million deal.. Only time will tell. But Juan Soto will never wear a White Sox uniform. Sadly…
  13. It’s definitely fun to think about. But you are right. It’s fantasy baseball land for sure. Besides, this is too out of the box thinking for the White Sox management anyway.
  14. Would they consider dealing Eloy and Kopech for him? It will likely take 3 other farm pieces as well… but if you want to keep Cease and Vaughn, the convo starts with Eloy/Kopech..
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