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  1. I initially read this wrong and thought the Sox had signed former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber, which seemed like a very White Sox thing to do, getting their man 7-10 years too late.
  2. Just one large carving of JR with a caption that says "The money was spent".
  3. So there was a 70 game stretch of the season where they were 34-36. That's...something?
  4. This is honestly a refreshing change of pace from most of what's going on here lately. Thank you for posting this.
  5. This is likely the future of sports contracts, especially in high tax states. These deferrals allow the player to pay much less state tax money on the deferred portion, resulting in more overall money flowing to the player.
  6. Might as well do it, can probably get him for cheap, and as he pitches, the stink will wash off and he'll be a very flippable asset.
  7. Jerry just leaning in to the pennypinching now?
  8. $700 million is just a number to grab headlines, the PV of the contract is $450 million. Judging on those numbers, I'd say Yamamoto is certainly the bigger risk.
  9. He very clearly did. He started out as an IRS attorney, which explains a great deal of his incompetence and unwillingness to spend on quality.
  10. The problem is if you know your team will not spend big in free agency and they have a history of poor player development, then there is no hope. As a fanbase, if you have no hope for the product on the field, you begin to hope for a change in ownership to allow for hope for the product on the field.
  11. Worst that would've happened is that Reinsdorf would've bought the team then, and at that point, we have 5 championships in 14 years to celebrate.
  12. Okay? Would you take 5 championships in 14 seasons? I would.
  13. He was also the owner of the San Francisco 49ers during the 1980s and 1990s when they won 5 championships in 14 seasons. I don't care if he was affiliated with the mafia, he knew how to build a winning franchise.
  14. The worst thing MLB ever did to the White Sox was not allowing Eddie DeBartolo to buy the team.
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