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  1. Who did radio today if McKnight and DJ did TV?
  2. Totally fair. I hope we see that based off what he said in his press conference today.
  3. I’m not saying change the entire offense. I’m saying stop doing the stuff that doesn’t work and play to his strengths. Speed up the offense, speed up his progressions, let him run, do play action, throw on the move and hit receivers in the middle. Who cares if he’s got some Cutler in him and throws a pick? They need to do better than they have on offense, some of which is on Fields but some which is on Getsy. Even if he’s not the guy, change things up to give the offense a chance. The play calling has been suspect over the last few games. It’s not stupid to change things up if things haven’t been working. Make use of his strengths and see if he can make some throws on the run like Vick did. He’s close to being fast like Vick was. He can pass, he can run, whatever. He just needs to be able to play his game and if he makes mistakes for making some I’ll advised throws or a wrong read, okay, but it’s better than taking a sack or not throwing to someone who is open or is near open. Nobody is saying scrap the offense, instead they should work in plays that play to his strengths IN ADDITION TO Fields working on being better in the pocket. Thanks for sharing. You have to think the Bears are doing these kinds of things with coaching. I don’t think they are that inept not to.
  4. What if the Bears modeled plays after an offense for someone like this guy? Forget the screens, work on boot legs, play action, use running plays and passes towards the middle to keep teams guessing. Throw in some designed runs and take advantage of his speed. Make him more dynamic and unleash him as a player rather than do whatever the play calls are trying to achieve right now.
  5. Is the screen where they throw 1-2 yards out and there are maybe one to two blockers? I’m so tired of that play. Let Fields throw into the middle of the field. I don’t like some of Getsy’s play calling. That’s true. But the coaching staff needs to let him run and throw. Getsy’s offense isn’t great. He’s still not seeing the field like I’d like to see but I saw some throws I liked (and some I didn’t like today). Will Poles move on after this season or after 2024? They need a left tackle. Jones sucks a la Ja’Marcus Webb This is a problem. This is a problem. They can’t cover and get pressure. Or see if one of those picks is strong enough to get the QB and draft another impact player. Carolina might be bad…which is great for the Bears. Carter was an option and I wish they had taken with him. But I also was fine with the Wright pick. They will after this year or next. Tomorrow on 670 the Score. Let’s see if a guy who was competent in a few quarters in the preseason can do. I’m just not there yet. Ride Fields out for now. Totally fair analysis, the kind I want the meatballs who just blame Fields to see. I asked one of my friends to put a percentage on how much blame Fields deserves. He said 25%, I expected him to be like other fans who are thinking like 50-75%.
  6. I did not see that, but again, do a giveaway of that shirt instead of honoring a team from the 80s and giving me a shirt I will probably use as a rag.
  7. Thanks, we will check that out next time. Baby steps, I’ve got a lifetime to go with my son and we had a great time regardless. I’ve got great memories that I wanted to get! They need to move on and market to something else. Like do a giveaway for cancer awareness and put Liam on it. It’s more relevant and marketable than a team most of the stadium didn’t grasp. You’re right, the offense sucked.
  8. I will make sure we get a first game certificate, a picture with his grandparents, his mom and I and my dad, son and I together. I bought lower deck seats on the cheap side even though I would have bought club level seats for what you paid given the team’s performance and the weather today. We are going to be up and moving around with him for much of the game so I thought as long as we got lower deck seats it wouldn’t matter. Same here. A friend of mine took me to a game in 1998 and then I went with my dad to a game in 1999 to see “Hey, the Kids Can Play” White Sox. We didn’t have tickets, found a guy with his daughter who had tickets and my dad and I ended up three rows behind the plate to see the Sox play against the Royals a day or two after the opener. Thanks! What great memories!
  9. Like the draft odds really matter😂
  10. I’m scouring StubHub for tickets and parking passes. Looking for five tickets for something like $6-$20 each and a parking pass for around $16. Let’s see if good Cease shows up tomorrow and the Sox come alive so my son can experience a White Sox home run and winner. Let’s make it two in a row!
  11. Winning ugly is sweet…I guess. Thankfully they won’t have this relief pitching next year. Nice game for Touki, Anderson and Jimenez. Lets go get a win tomorrow so my son can experience a White Sox winner in person!
  12. Santos doesn’t have it tonight.
  13. They said he pitched on short rest?
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