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  1. Do you trust they will get enough for Robert though?
  2. Grifol and Katz look stressed. Maybe the original poster is wearing them out?
  3. Great, then add a circle change. Make adjustments as a soft tosser or get hit hard as batters catch up. He’s doing fine so far.
  4. He needs some sort of out pitch. The fastball and changeup are good, but I think he could work on something more. He reminds me of Buehrle with how he pitches.
  5. Let’s hope Thorpe’s start is more like Buehrle’s first start of his career and less like Garland’s.
  6. Be loud enough where it makes it to the broadcast and you make that bum Schriffen call you a hater.
  7. Hoping Thorpe doesn’t get shelled and gets either the win or a no decision and they win.
  8. If it gets some guys out of here in trades and ages Grifol a bit before he gets fired, let’s do it.
  9. Seems like the goal is to slash payroll, be bad, have poor attendance and set up for a move to Nashville. That is what makes sense to me right now.
  10. Aaron Rowand? Brian Anderson? DeWayne Motha Fuckin Wise?
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