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  1. I’m taking the approach of, the stadium we have is fine, the product sucks, the state is rather broke to fund a new stadium and subsidize the Bears in some way and taxpayers shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of things as Illinoisans we don’t necessarily need.
  2. She is our second child. Her weight has fallen since to 8 pounds 15 ounces and rebounded to 9 pounds 2 ounces. We (my wife, the pediatrician and I) think it has to do with the fat content in the breast milk and not getting enough of what our baby needs. So long story short we will be using some formula to supplement feedings and I will be cleaning, sterilizing, drying and giving bottles! Thanks!!
  3. It’s amazing how fast they grow up and time flies. My son is 3 and it felt like just yesterday he was in diapers. We welcomed by daughter last Tuesday and she’s a sweet little baby girl. 9 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long.
  4. I liked having a guy in the one who just went out and pitched. Shaw performed decently last year so I want to keep him around.
  5. That is a fair point, but even if you remove the new OT rules as a variable, I think you can still get data points from the regular season and/or the playoffs to determine the number of times teams went for it on 4th down versus going for the FG and the win/loss result. I would agree with you it wasn’t necessarily the wrong move, but seeing the analytics would be interesting.
  6. McCaffrey sure looked disappointed after that one. Wonder if he wanted another crack at it. I bet he would have scored…
  7. And the Bears need to find out if Williams is the guy to elevate them like Mahomes elevates his team.
  8. I would have taken the points in the red zone like the 49ers did in overtime, but I wonder what the analytics would say to do.
  9. Because their owner is a penny pincher who doesn’t give a rats ass, just like JR.
  10. The non roster invitees who are pitchers signed to minor league contracts must be guys they want to take flyers on given their numbers. They even brought in a 40 year old Jesse Chavez. Crazy, but not unheard of with where the roster and team is at.
  11. Or maybe it should be repurposed for housing or used for other games. To do nothing with it would be such a waste. The Bears would need to heavily invest in Bridgeport to make it worth it.
  12. Does the state of Illinois really have the money for funding another stadium?
  13. Hopefully the public financing is minimal if much at all. Hopefully there is something done with the existing field because it would be a waste if it weren’t used for anything. If they leave for Nashville because the Bears get the funding for a stadium and they don’t, that would be so White Sox and shitty.
  14. Fine, pick him and trade him like Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers. Or maybe Cowherd doesn’t know s%*#.
  15. Remember, you can only have two prospects for Cease and they have to be O’s fans choosing them without discussion!
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