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  1. It’s okay, he’s the starting right fielder until Colas is up.
  2. Yeah…it’s more of a joke that was mentioned on morning talk shows like the Mix in Chicago. It was making fun of dbags and nice guys who lose their s%*# every once in a while. They called it a comma.
  3. I don’t want to trade him and was happy we got him for a variety of reasons. To fill holes I would love to package Sheets and Graveman as opposed to Hendriks, but it sounds like Hendriks is who teams want. I posted one tweet from him and was trying to demonstrate that he misunderstood that there is a need to trade if there is budget constraints as opposed to a want to trade. I’d love to see a resurgence amongst players that had a down year. I’d also love the Sox to do the bolded and re-allocate resources spent from a position of strength to areas of need. Something I tried to explain to Shane Riordan. So if Anderson is staying and Hendriks ends up staying, there may only be small acquisitions to fill out the roster. Let’s hope things change in a matter of a few weeks. Haha no, it’s when nice guys temporarily become jerks and when dbags turn up the volume on being jerks. Since I read the board on my phone, I thought your avatar looked like John Munch from Law and Order: SVU
  4. Think about his anger and passive aggressiveness and a certain time of the month but for a man. He’s putting a thought out there without thinking about it. We shouldn’t care but he should know damn well why they need to move someone rather than want to move someone.
  5. Seems like Shane is on his comma again and doesn’t understand we don’t want them to but they might have to because of budget constraints.
  6. That all makes sense and is logical. I would prefer Graveman be the one who who is dealt, but Hendriks might be the dude who is more in demand. I’d rather split the difference and acquire a rookie outfielder and keep one of the high priced relievers. I guess these are the consequences that they face with how they have allocated resources in years past. It seems like the board might be in agreement with coming to accept a quiet offseason instead of spending their way out of the hole they are in.
  7. Let’s hope so. Until then I’ll think this about these rumors…
  8. Then who are they going to trade to make this team better and not create holes? And why the f*** were we throwing Sheets’ name around to be dealt last offseason?
  9. Just make moves to improve this team. It looks a little light with Abreu gone.
  10. Thanks for the analysis. Sheets should be dealt for a piece they need and I am sure they could sign someone to be a bench or depth piece. I can get on board with Colas, but can they win with him developing in the majors or does it make sense to invest in another established hitter to go along with Colas? Wishful thinking is they trade Sheets for a starting pitcher or catcher, sign someone to play right, put Colas in left and start Eloy at DH. But we all know what they will do… My money is on Eloy being in left and that I’ll be disappointed we don’t use resources for an everyday right fielder. JR needs to take a risk and pony up to sign a multi year contract on an every day player rather than have his GM go dumpster diving.
  11. Any quants on here want to talk me off a ledge regarding the Sox not replacing Abreu with anyone except Vaughn and how they could go with a platoon in right field (Sheets and Colas) instead of investing in an every day player?
  12. Do we trust them to improve the team with productive players in other areas of need, like an actual right fielder and not a platoon player with Sheets?
  13. Abreu’s power numbers may be in decline, but the dude is a RBI machine. I hope Vaughn can replicate what Abreu did in his career and that the Sox can replace Abreu’s production with an actual outfielder they acquire. Clevinger can’t be their only addition this offseason with still so many holes to fill.
  14. I’m glad the will of the people is still there. I hope that they can remain resilient throughout the winter and that they get the aid and weapons they need. Hopefully there won’t be politics with the aid given to Ukraine in 2023. Today I donated to an organization that will help with repairing infrastructure and assisting with heating this winter.
  15. I’m not sure if they should have given him that kind of money for those years. The Rodon decision was a dumb one and maybe the Abreu one made more sense. But I remain concerned they won’t improve the roster with acquiring someone to replace Abreu’s production. I’m not sold the internal options will be able to do that yet.
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