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  1. I'd rather have Eloy in LF and Colas in RF than Gallo. Gallo was PUTRID in NY, and wasn't any better in LA. Getting away from the Yankees wasn't the problem.
  2. Gleyber Torres was a hell of a lot better last year than I thought. He's only 25 and isn't a FA until 2025. I'd for sure do this deal (especially if it adds Conforto or Nimmo), but why would the Yankees make this trade?
  3. Man I will miss Jose. Favorite Sox player from some lean years. It was time, though.
  4. I don't share everyone else's optimism about Burger, though I'd like to. He's a DH only who can only really hit lefties.
  5. I'd be fine with this if it costs the Sheets/Burger level, but I doubt it will. This team cannot afford to trade any prospects with good future value given their budget constraints. Also if its Wong or some mediocre reliever at $10 mil give me Wong 100%
  6. With Colas in RF and Robert in CF I'd be ok with Eloy/Winker in LF. I don't see a way for them to maintain decent offense in LF and get better defense without a miracle.
  7. He's hit everywhere but Seattle, and even there he was roughly league average. How else are you going to get a decent left handed hitter with some pop in this lineup with their budgetary restrictions and barren minor leagues?
  8. Yeah he's bad, but so is Eloy. Not sure they can afford someone who can hit and field in LF so this might be the best they can do.
  9. I wouldn't mind betting on a bounce back from Winker assuming the price isn't crazy - and it shouldn't be, with one year left on his deal and his struggles in Seattle. Get a LH bat in the lineup at a low salary ($8M) in a similar park environment to Cincinnati where he was over an .800 OPS every year. Also lets you play Eloy at DH.
  10. Do we know why he left? Just the Dusty Baker thing?
  11. I heard they sacrificed the scout who recommended this trade to their dark god
  12. I don't trust anyone they'd let go to be good
  13. If this was the reason... I'd get it. We're only human.
  14. I was hopeful with Takatsu and Iguchi, then bidding on Tanaka and Fukudome, but they've basically been completely out of the Pacific Rim since 2014. Even Takatsu and Iguchi were in the White Sox playbook of bidding on lower tier players and hoping for outsized production.
  15. A clubhouse could certainly become toxic quickly if the manager is drunk before/during/right after the game. Could also explain my profile picture. Being drunk all the time could also lead to other health problems, especially at Tony's age. Would also fit the "sweep it under the rug" behavior from the DUI when he was hired. It might not be fair to speculate, and it might be a legit serious health issue out of his control, but this is what happens when you don't explain wtf is going on.
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