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  1. I've been saying the same for a long time. Payroll is irrelevant to me, beyond any salary caps or luxury tax thresholds. In 2024 the threshold is $237 MILLION. Plenty of room to sign Ohtani.
  2. I've never seen a Hail Mary returned for 100 yards and a TD with time expiring in the first half before, that's for sure.
  3. He went to the Angels and fell off a cliff. We'll see which is more impactful - playing for Wash, or playing for the Angels.
  4. With Washington helping on defense absolutely. I just don't know how good Wash will be at keeping Tim away from distractions.
  5. Yeah, but we'd just waste 'em like the Angels did.
  6. No surprise the California White Sox are interested in him. There are much better places for him to get it together, though.
  7. The o-line and defense look so much better than when Fields went down. It'll be good to see if plugging Fields back in will really allow him to take off, or if part of the issues on O & D were due to Fields holding the ball too long/setting the defense up with poor field position due to turnovers and losing yards on offense.
  8. "I only look good if you're this specific type of QB or a first ballot Hall of Famer" isn't the flex these guys think it is...
  9. I get that these guys have egos, but I cannot fathom why you'd say "my way or the highway" when it's really your job on the line. Fields will have a nice career carved out for him as a backup at worst. Getsy's floor is "QB coach for high school football".
  10. Hopefully the art of "hitting big home runs against the White Sox" translates to helping the Sox hitters.
  11. I wish I could go back in time to 2017 and tell myself not to bother with this team
  12. That's different than being competitive with those signings. That's admitting you're a bad team going nowhere and trying to fill your lower minors with a few lottery tickets by signing guys who you hope can rebound enough to be interesting to a competitive team at the trade deadline.
  13. I see Garfien's podcast continues to be meatball central. None of these signings makes the team better, and you already have basically an entire team you have to see massive improvements from, so adding more "what if"s to the team does nothing except waste money.
  14. Vaughn may have even ended up a "meh" factory with more time and development, who knows. At that point he'd just be a bust and not a top "boy you sure screwed that guy up" candidate. With a real right fielder we also don't notice his failings as much because so much of the offense isn't keyed on him posting a >130 wRC+. The Hahn/KW era is so mind-boggling. My main encouragement right now is hoping Getz and Co. couldn't possibly be this short-sighted.
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