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  1. Best Sox meme ever. Please keep posting it everytime Yoan does something good.
  2. The 10 k is only for individuals or families under a certain income level though right? I think 125k and 250k. It's really only the quite wealthy who won't get the relief. Also, important to note that they are extending the moratorium to Dec. 31, but it is the final extension.
  3. Should have been hit out? That's pretty high expectations for anyone to meet. And Neris is pretty good. According to Savant the pitch was more high and tight than the one he lined hard the night before. All that being said I won't say Yo has really turned it around til he starts getting on base multiple times in bunches.
  4. I don't think he's played much Shortshop in his career eh? If we're going to abandon hitting for a solid fielder we gotta make sure it's actually a solid fielder. This seems more urgent as Leury Garcia has looked like he's dealing with some kind of injury lately.
  5. I don't think you understand how boring the announcers are for other teams. Zzzzzz.....
  6. I'm as bleeding heart as they come, but it is time for Luis Robert to man up and play.
  7. I'll give you Grandal... but Abreu seems very solid. In addition, Seby has elite framing numbers this year and has cut wayyyy down on passed balls and wild pitches. SSS, but his caught stealing rate is up too.
  8. I'm not saying Singer hasn't been dominating against us. I am just taking a stand against low quality posts that say things like "we have no chance" or "this should be a guaranteed sweep". That is not how baseball works.
  9. According to Baseball Savant, Reese McGuire is NOT an above average framer this season. And last year he was only slightly above average.
  10. I'll try again, but when I searched for the Apple app last time nothing came up. It may be an issue as a Canadian resident and have nothing to do with Roku as well.
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