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  1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's been just two starts. And in those starts he has already given up 4 homeruns.
  2. I am going to reserve comment on all the other stuff, but just wanted to say there was nothing wrong with Tim's tag on Ramirez. Ramirez came in like a bat out of hell and there was inevitably going to be some hard contact. Also, I've watched a million games and don't remember Tim ever being particular aggressive in this aspect of the game. However, I missed the play where he may have pushed someone's hand or leg off the bag.
  3. I'm as puzzled as anyone. But benching a former batting champion for a guy with a career 700 OPS in the minor leagues is not a no brainer.
  4. This wasn't as impressive as I thought. The media was making him sound like Willie Mays.
  5. I have heard (or read?) that those sprint speed things on Statcast don't always tell the whole story. For example, when Tim is running full speed there is no way he has below average speed. In terms of Moncada, he usually starts hitting right about the time these posts pop up on Soxtalk. So here's hoping! At the very least it would be nice if he at least added some patience to the lineup.
  6. Did Yas hurt himself? I notice that Seby replaced him late, but I don't think I heard why.
  7. I'm still mad at Luis Robert for not cutting that ball off...
  8. At least Apple TV won't have that annoying Casamigos Tequila Ad flashing all over the screen and obscuring the pitches. I hope...
  9. Omg, Frazier has 13 plate appearances and has been given up on by 3 or 4 major league teams and Soxtalk is already ready for him to supplant Vaughn.
  10. These posts may not be equally relevant to fans who are not residents of the Chicagoland area. I have only been to one game in Chicago, a few others in Minneapolis and Kansas City. I would pay to see ANY White Sox game. It is a rare treat!
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