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  1. Guy was tough as nails while he was here.
  2. My god, that signing of Benintendi was awful. At best he was always like a high 700/low 800 OPS corner outfielder. What a disastrous decision. 5 years!? You almost have to consider DFA'ing him when you have players like Julks, Pham, Colas, etc. around.
  3. We may be reading into Luis Robert's behaviour too much... he has always seemed a bit quiet and aloof. His Spanish speaking compatriots are all gone as well.
  4. Maybe you are thinking of John Gibbons? Flashback Friday: John Gibbons' Infamous Incidents with Players (bluejayhunter.com)
  5. Maybe this is a basic point, but perhaps it should be reinforced... we should only trade Luis Robert Jr. at a high point.
  6. This is really uncalled for. Soxtalk should be better than this.
  7. I'm just happy we have a player somewhere (anywhere) in our system that seems to recognize the value of taking a walk once in a while.
  8. What is Pedro's contract situation? 2 or 3 year deal?
  9. Over/under 0.5 walks for Lenyn Sosa while he is up?
  10. Myles Straw has considerably more bWAR in a similar amount of plate appearances.
  11. Source: White Sox To Add Nick Nastrini To Rotation - MLB Trade Rumors
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