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  1. If the Sox had an inkling of this and signed him instead of just bringing back Cueto... Hahn is even more incompetent than I thought.
  2. I'm an out of state fan. I have had MLB.TV to follow the Sox since I started following baseball. I canceled my plan before the end of the season and I planned to renew after an exciting offseason and a new manager. Filling a giant leadership vacuum along with all of the other unaddressed needs is a lot to put on Andrew Benentendi. I am having a really hard time getting excited about the 2023 season. It just feels like the 2022 nightmare never ended. I worried that this wouldn't be over until Hahn and Jerry are gone, I just hoped I would be wrong.
  3. Irrelevant. This is America, where rich people fail upward all the time.
  4. Hopefully this means the players that are here just because they are "Tony's guys" are gone.
  5. I think if the team had been more successful during Jose's time with the Sox, then he gets a lot of points for being a leader and probably gets the jersey retirement. As it stands, I say no. I know he is waaay down the list in terms of who is at fault for the Sox being losers most of the seasons he has been here and it is not fair, but in my mind that is how it is.
  6. There bad enough that no one should keep their job -- and I was somewhat soft on the coaching staff outside of TLR. There is not an ounce of professionalism or pride.
  7. This is the only season where I've felt the slightest bit of embarrassment being an out of state Sox fan. I did not even put up my big flag on the house this year. Just a disaster of a year and one of their own making. The fact that we have had an 'acting' manager and a disastrous fall from any chance of making the playoffs AND the front office still has not addressed the press or fans in any significant way is so unacceptable. There is nothing professional about this pro baseball club. Clean house.
  8. It's because on our team there isn't much of a gap between the mediocre players and the 'stars' especially this season.
  9. I'd take that deal on Cueto in a heartbeat. He's one of those guys that just knows how to pitch and can be the difference on a contending team... whether or not we look like a potential contender next season remains to be seen.
  10. I don't think he's out of the league, but he's getting paid like a #5 starter/depth instead of a long term contract that pays 10MM+ per year.
  11. Hawk signs a ceremonial 1-day contract to fire Tony one more time... for old time's sake.
  12. Hard to beat Hawk in this regard, IMO.
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