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  1. The Benetti thread got me thinking about my home run call...you know, if I was a baseball announcer. Around age 15 it became clear that announcing baseball was the closest I could ever hope to get to professional baseball. That hasn't panned out yet, but hey, you never know. Anyway, I've known for about two decades what my home run call would be if I could ever get into the booth. Simple, straightforward, tasteful, and easily repeatable: "Ladies and gentlemen, that ball is deep. and. GONE!" If you ever hear it, I've either made it or somebody's ripped me off. What's your home run call?
  2. Honestly, I don't see the harm in trading for Q. It won't cost much/anything in prospect capital, I don't think. Q, Kopech, and ReyLo can tag team as makes sense every 5th game, keeping Kopech's innings down. If that's the big move this trade deadline...okay, I guess. The Sox are not in a position to make big splashes right now. For the most part, they need to win with what they have this year and hope that the window doesn't close in 2023/24, because if they start trading prospect capital, 2025-2027 is going to be very painful on the heals of a 2016-2019 rebuild that didn't yield any meaningful results.
  3. This (sort of). The Sox have three catchers, all of whom at least a few teams would see as an upgrade to their current catcher's room (football term, but feel it applies here). Grandal probably isn't realistically tradeable given his salary and recent injury history. And I'm not saying the return on Zavala or McGuire would be anything especially impressive, but if the Sox DFA one of them and just watch one leave for no return, they've made a very avoidable mistake.
  4. Cease on pace to strike out 27 batters through the first 5 batters.
  5. Negative six years, bringing him back to the beginning of the 2016 season. Kidding, sort of...I don't hate the signing based on what was available by the time the signing was made.
  6. I'm going to try to inject a little optimism into this thread, not so much because I feel it, just as an exercise: 1) Assuming we keep Kimbrel, and assuming he improves over his Aug/Sep performance last year, the Sox have hands down the best bullpen in the AL. Depending on the bullpen they're facing, they should have 8-9 innings to score runs whereas the opposition will really struggle to score in close games after the 5th or 6th. That's a big advantage. 2) Andrew Vaughn's ceiling at the plate is higher than any other RF option available, and he showed last year that he's at least minimally competent in the field. Leury is obviously nothing spectacular, but he's proven that he can consistently contribute within the relatively narrow confines of his game. It is conceivable that, if done right, that platoon will offer nearly or more than the production of any other solution in RF. 3) No MLB team has an above average starter at all 8 positions...our 2B situation proves the rule. 4) The 4/5 spots (currently Kopech and Keuchel) in the starting rotation are question marks at best, but it's still a top 10 rotation. Sportsnaut has them at #3! There, try that on for size, see how it fits. Maybe you'll find it's more comfortable than rampant negativity. I know I feel better.
  7. Anyone know when spring training tickets are set to go on sale? I’m trying to coordinate my whole extended family going to the 19 March game, but doesn’t look like tickets are on sale yet.
  8. Even with this past year’s relative success, why would you bet on him pitching over 170 innings absent ridiculously favorable odds? Last year only Giolito pitched 170 innings. Obviously none in 2020. In 2019, three Sox pitchers went 170 innings, but two were named Noca and Lopez. In 2020, 34 pitchers (both leagues) pitched more than 170 innings. It’s just not common anymore, and Rodon is certainly not uncommon in this particular regard. I like the story and hope he’s back, but don’t overpay for, hopefully, 125 innings.
  9. Hard to see a path to victory from here. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. The Red Sox fandom here in DC is strong. That 2-run double was LOUD.
  11. Not watching. What’s Leury been doing that has everyone bent out of shape?
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