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  1. This is telling me...no additions. They are banking on guys being healthy and rookies contributing. 2023 lineup R SS Anderson S 3B Moncada R DH/LF Eloy L Grandal R 1B Vaughn L DH/LF Sheets R CF Robert L RF Colas R 2B Sosa #SeatAtTheTable
  2. Yeah...Twins got top 6...good for them If we have any luck its bad.
  3. I’m living vicariously though my son and his friends cheering this right now at Baseball practice. Must be nice…
  4. Swan/ Dolphin in the Boardwalk area
  5. I remember in 2006 when I was at Disney World with the family and we were at the same hotel and same time as the Winter Meetings. Crazy town.
  6. White Sox proudest position? Their fans bent over in front of them? 🤷‍♂️
  7. They drafted a first baseman in the first round....so yeah.
  8. They prioritize winning...the "class" part is debatable.
  9. If the knuckleheads on this site know what the Sox need...I sure as hell think the professionals in MLB already know.
  10. I heard there is going to be some vacant lake front property available after 2026 that can be converted.
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