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  1. I would love to see Sandy Alomar, Jr get an interview
  2. I've been saying...2004-2005. Trade or let go of the perceived "core" (Mags, Carlos, Loaiza...) and get more athletic, smarter, and deeper. But will they zero on the right guys like they did that off-season?
  3. Also the 2000-2004 White Sox were not the 2005 White Sox, except for some pitching. The team had an overhaul. Losing Mags and Carlos Lee in one offseason. That would be like letting two of Jose, Yoan, Eloy, Luis or Vaughn go this offseason... Wait now...
  4. Every team has a breaks to win it all. 2005, was lightning in a bottle...but it was dominant lightning by all metrics. If we were in New York or LA, they would be considered one of the best post-season teams of all time.
  5. This is where we become the 2008-2013 White Sox again. Going "ALL IN" every off season in signing past their prime vets to stupid contracts in an attempt to band-aid gaping holes in the line-up and field. Development will get a back-seat and good prospects will get traded to bring in average players while we hover over .500 at every trade deadline. Rebuild will happen after JR leaves and new ownership takes over.
  6. His talent caught the eye of the big networks. Its awesome for him.
  7. Lenyn Sosa over an all-star, former batting champ and one of the better hitters in baseball? Slow down.
  8. We would need new ownership to enact change in the Front Office...But since we are dreaming big here... GM/VP Baseball Operations: Dana Brown Manager: Sandy Alomar, Jr.
  9. 87 Twins, 00 Yankees, 06 Cardinals, 10 Giants among others agree
  10. Many teams went on a run in the playoffs with less than 90 wins
  11. This! These are playoff games now and should be treated as such. Every game is a must win. Simple.
  12. Yes. So have the other teams in the Central. Not much better. But that series is one, at this time, would have helped us immensely.
  13. That Diamondbacks series still haunts us
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