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  1. They drafted a first baseman in the first round....so yeah.
  2. They prioritize winning...the "class" part is debatable.
  3. If the knuckleheads on this site know what the Sox need...I sure as hell think the professionals in MLB already know.
  4. I heard there is going to be some vacant lake front property available after 2026 that can be converted.
  5. Feel free to scroll through thread to get the answer to this, which was brought up several times and answered... or don't and ignore them...whatever.
  6. I know this is funny...but...It highlights an excellent point on maybe one reason he was hired. He is extremely familiar with the White Sox, is armed with all the oppo research on our team, their tendencies and faults and how to exploit them (which the Royals did successfully), and most likely came into the interview with that information and then how to fix it.
  7. No but it is well known Hahn wanted to hire someone with no ties to the organization... JR overruled him in 2020 and looks to do it again. Both can be true
  8. Yeah...sitting outside in my pool, sipping cold beer is worse. You're right. Don't forget to put out that patio chair to save your parking spot.
  9. Exactly...on the average...I rarely turn on the Heat or AC from late October to late March. Windows open and shorts outside most of the "winter" months
  10. I didn't make the original, umbrella statement.
  11. Ok...Ask away. I know the real differences...and where I am choosing to live.
  12. If not for a miss play on a fly ball by Nelson Cruz...Ron Washington would have been a World Series winning manager.
  13. I think we need one more thread on this subject...2 right next to each other is not enough
  14. I don't think this will happen but man...I love the out-of-the-box thinking bringing in Iguchi.
  15. There is a lot to consider. I just feel the White Sox may not be the number one destination for a highly sought after manager like they were in 2020.
  16. Lets also remember the White Sox are not the only team looking for a manager. Rangers have a good farm system, a big wallet, new stadium....Just to name one team. How appealing are the White Sox to a veteran Manager who wants to win?
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