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  1. However Cleveland had all their top relievers rested while the only good Yankee relievers were likely unavailable after pitching several days in a row. I think New York came out better here.
  2. The one time I rooted for an AL Central team in the playoffs was 2016 and that made me feel dirty. Never again. Go Yankees.
  3. The Astros are the only top AL team left they haven't won a series against and there's another chance to do that. They're one of two teams (the other being the Reds of all teams) to win a series against the Yankees on the road and they won both series against the Rays. They're above .500 against the top 4 AL East teams (13-12). I actually think they've played better against good competition this year compared to last year (especially on the road).
  4. I'm going to start a petition that the Sox play exclusively on the road the rest of this season. Would be division champs for sure.
  5. If you had told me the Sox would be 22-18 on the road and had won series in New York, Boston, Tampa, and San Francisco I'd have thought they'd have a large divisional lead right now. They're playing good teams on the road much better than last year. So weird how bad they've been at home.
  6. Can't watch, just following on GameDay, what happened?
  7. Interesting how every other division is beating up on the AL Central while the Sox are 3-9 against the division and 10-4 against everyone else.
  8. Rays just lost 3 out of 4 to Oakland at home, catching them at a good time?
  9. Bummer in his career by leverage: Low: .260 wOBA Medium: .285 wOBA High: .247 wOBA Seems a bit silly to say he can't handle it.
  10. Dodger's rotation is very thin, they have nothing after their top 3, if they lost their top 2 they'd be in the conversation for worst in the league. Probably their biggest weakness. Andrew Heaney is their 4th SP.
  11. So in the season series against teams with winning records the Sox have now won 4 (Red Sox, Athletics, Blue Jays, Cardinals), tied 3 (Rays, Mariners, Reds), and lost 3 (Yankees, Astros, Brewers). Not too bad all things considered.
  12. The posts from earlier in this thread look pretty funny now that it looks like the Sox are going to be back up to a 10 game lead after tonight.
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