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  1. Thanks but him pitching tonight doesn’t prove they aren’t building him up for playoffs. Obviously they had to back him off coming off the DL. The year long trend still indicates he is pitching on a schedule contrary to your claim which you still haven’t backed up with anything. That’s just bizarre logic. Because I insinuated he would pitch two and he didn’t, that means the Sox are absolutely not planning on stretching out Kopech in the second half. That’s just not good thinking, pal
  2. Looking at the game log from April-may looks like he was on a schedule with increasing pitch counts to me
  3. I hope Collins doesn’t make ten errors and blow this
  4. 23 times 3. Can’t get much more magical than that
  5. At this point they should be building him up to be able to go 90 pitches by the end of the season with regularly scheduled work not saving him for high leverage
  6. No way that is happening. Talk about selling low and buying high. Pretty sure the Sox know what they’ve got there
  7. Probably my favorite jomboy breakdown of all time: actually, any Jomboy vid featuring the Orioles is pure bumbling gold.
  8. 1: having characteristics in common 2: alike in substance or essentials : 3: not differing in shape but only in size or position Didnt think I’d have to actually post the definition for you, but... Let’s see some similarities. Both lefthanders that rely primarily on location w/. change up and big curve ball to go with ~90 mph fastball. Both with multiple seasons in 4-6.5 war range. Both multiple gold gloves. Both with numerous season in 120-140 ERA+ range.
  9. He said they are similar. Similar does not mean the same. Why you making up quotes now? If he was the same pitcher he’d be retired. He’s a similar type pitcher with similar stuff, who has had similar seasons.
  10. Why’d you leave the best comparable pitchers off Keuchel’s list though? Haddix, Tudor and Scott? His 22 war is all 2014-2021. 3.34 ERA and 3.46 fip. Sorry but that is similar to Buehrle numbers
  11. If he were a good hitting catcher he wouldn’t be available to carry on 40 man in AAA as emergency catcher is my point. Same way if Mercedes were any good behind the plate he wouldn’t have been available to carry on 40 man at AAA
  12. That’s why they call it replacement level. He’s the replacement
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