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Found 11 results

  1. Lineup: Anderson, SS Robert, CF Abreu, 1B Grandal, C# Jimenez, LF Moncada, 3B# Harrison, 2B Garcia, DH# Vaughn, RF
  2. Potential Clinch Day! Keuchel vs Alexander In case you weren't already aware, this game got moved up from 5:40 to 12:10 due to rain on the way (the rain that we're getting right now) If the Sox win, I wonder if NBCSC will be on the air live from the team hotel at/near the end of the KC/CLE game (5:10 start)? Would be fun to see Jason/Steve live on the air at the clinching moment.
  3. Gilbert vs Lynn Maybe 9 innings today, maybe 7 innings tomorrow.
  4. Keuchel vs Gray, 11:35 am Today is the day that the (tied for) first place Sox cinco the Reds
  5. Alright guys, in terms of “must win” games, this is about as close as they come in mid April. The Sox currently sit 6-8 on the season and are 2.5 games beyond the Royals for 1st place. The good news is the Twins are also off to a sluggish start and have an identical 6-8 record to us. While it’s still super early no doubt, losing the first game of this double header puts us in a tough spot given the fact a less reliable pitcher will likely be starting game 2 (Stiever / Lopez). To eliminate the chance of ending today with a 6-10 record, Keuchel needs to bring his A game, both eating a considerable amount of innings and getting us a win. Unfortunately for us, Dallas is off to a rough start with a 5.44 FIP and xwOBA in the 20th %tile so far on the season. It’s really hard to draw too many conclusions based on three starts, but Dallas is seeing unusual increases in his BB & HR rates and has really been beaten up on his bread & butter sinker. Looking at his Statcast figures, his stuff & movement pretty much look consistent with previous seasons, so I think we’re simply seeing a guy rounding into form after a limited camp. That being said, he does need to figure out his shit and soon. He’ll never be the 1.99 ERA guy we saw last year, but we do need him to consistently give us around six solid innings and that’s critical now more than ever with heavy bullpen workload expected for game two. For the Red Sox will Tanner Houck, a 24 year old former 1st round pick who will making his fifth major league starter. His arsenal is built around his four seamer (92 to 95 MPH) and slider with a sinker also in the mix. The slider is his primary weapon with a nasty 56% whiff rate this year in a small sample size. Sox right-handed hitters are really going to struggle today if they don’t lay off this pitch down & away, which puts even more pressure on our left-handed bats to do some damage. On paper this is a scary matchup despite us facing a rookie, but the Sox have typically played well when their backs are against the wall. If Dallas can improve his command and limit his mistakes, I think the Sox can steal game 1, but that also requires the offense to start hitting with runners in scoring position. Can’t keep throwing away opportunities and expect to win non Lucas / Lance starts. Hopefully today we start seeing some much needed regression to the mean in that area. Let’s fucking go!
  6. 1 Tim Anderson – SS 2 Yoan Moncada – 3B 3 Yasmani Grandal – C 4 Jose Abreu – 1B 5 Edwin Encarnacion – DH 6 Luis Robert – CF 7 Adam Engel – RF 8 Leury Garcia – LF 9 Nick Madrigal – 2B
  7. Alright boys, today is the definition of a must win as the Sox are currently in 10th place in the AL at the 35% mark of the season and wouldn’t make the playoffs at the moment. It’s officially time to stop fucking around and being swept at home and going to two games under .500, regardless of no fans, would simply be a kick to the dick. On the mound today, we have a man named after one of the great American cities vs. some dude named after not just one but two of the lamest states in the entire US. Our boy Dallas has been as good as advertised this year, keeping the ball on the ground and working towards a 3.04 ERA and 3.48 FIP. Meanwhile, this Dakota character has only made one start and gave up 4 runs in 4.1 innings including a couple of blasts. This was also 21 days ago, so dude should be rusty but then again this is the White Sox he’s facing. Dakota is very much a sinker-slider type pitcher and I could see that poising challenges for our RH hitters. We desperately need a plan at the plate today and that is to not chase his slider down & away. It’s without question his put away pitch and our hitters need to expect it when Dakota gets a favorable count. As for the lineup today, if it were me managing I’d finally give Abreu’s ground-ball inducing ass a day-off (he has literally started every game) and go with some combo of Collins & Encarnacion at 1B & DH. I know I’m in the minority, but this is a perfect spot for my boy Collins and I hope Ricky finally realizes he does have a LH power bat on his roster not named Mazara and that it’s ok to use him in certain matchups. Regardless, let’s get a fucking win today and welcome those Tigers on a high note! Let’s fucking go!!
  8. Ok, it’s officially time to wash away that bitter taste from yesterday and even up the series! Today we face some kid with 28.1 career innings and a Fu Manchu-style mustache. If our young studs can’t rough this douche up, then we might as well call the season. I mean, just look at this dude and tell me you wouldn’t be embarrassed if he struck you out? No doubt the bats are going to be hungry today. Keys to the game are as follows: Dallas keeps the ball on the ground and out of the stands Moncada, Eloy, Robert, & Timmy bring the heat offensively More Mendick in our lives please (sorry Leury)
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