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  1. You're the one still posting about the team if there's no point just stop paying attention. Others still want to watch this deadline develop.
  2. What about this roster gives you any concerns about 40 man spots?
  3. He's not he says that all the time.
  4. raBBit


    Seems like the Sox want Baltimore to make an offer (or increase their offer) for Cease...
  5. I'll go MIddleton 99% - Everyone needs pen help. Free to the Sox, cheap to another team. Clevinger 50% - Looked good in his return getting up to 96 consistently. Everyone needs pitching, not a lot of sellers. Bummer 25% - Would be a fit for teams that need help but have less than great chances at the playoffs like the Cubs, Red Sox, Seattle, Miami, AZ. Grandal 20% - Not sure anyone will take him. Sox would probably have to kick in $4m or so which I assume JR would sign off on for to save $2m or so. Jimenez 15% - Lack of consistency, lack of defensive value and lack of suitors. Brewers traded for Canha. Unless Marlins make a splash, I think Sox revisit trading Eloy in the offseason. Cease 15% - Market would seem to have opportunity but if Reinsdorf want to compete next year there is no way they can even pretend they could compete without Cease (even in the AL central)
  6. Because the Sox don't have a choice they are contractually obligated.
  7. I don't get how it is known that he would waive his NTC for team X and Y if there has been no communication? Is Lynn taking a shot at the Sox while he is still with them because they communicated with his agent instead of communicating with him directly? Seems ridiculous. I am not even familiar with his agency but from the clients I can find that they have, all four players are currently in the Sox organization. Safe to assume there is some sort of relationship with the front office.
  8. I think MLB makes this call now. No. I believe it was about 12:15 when they put the delay on. It didn't rain from that time until game past a drizzle here or there.
  9. What I would do: R SS Anderson R 1B Vaughn R CF Robert R DH Eloy S C Grandal L LF Benintendi S 3B Moncada R 2B Andrus R RF Gonzalez What I expect: R SS Anderson R CF Robert L LF Benintendi R DH Eloy S 3B Moncada R 1B Vaughn S C Grandal L RF Colas R 2B Andrus
  10. I believe Hahn said Moncada will be good to go tomorrow.
  11. I don't know that it's been reported but I think Leury is injured or dealing with pain/discomfort. I think if he starts the year on the IL, they will give him a chance once he is healthy. If he plays like he did last year they cut him by the ASB or sooner provided we are otherwise healthy.
  12. Yup I agree. I am expecting a bench of: Zavala, Sheets, Leury, Alberto. Romy is hurting or sore right now and the Sox don't want him rotting away on the bench as the Leury/Alberto spots don't seems to be in line for much playing time. I am guessing Romy will be playing a good deal of outfield in AAA with Burger/Sosa/Yolbert and then two or three of Rivera/Mondou/Gonzalez/Remillard taking up the infield spots.
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