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  1. You're the one still posting about the team if there's no point just stop paying attention. Others still want to watch this deadline develop.
  2. What about this roster gives you any concerns about 40 man spots?
  3. I think MLB makes this call now. No. I believe it was about 12:15 when they put the delay on. It didn't rain from that time until game past a drizzle here or there.
  4. What I would do: R SS Anderson R 1B Vaughn R CF Robert R DH Eloy S C Grandal L LF Benintendi S 3B Moncada R 2B Andrus R RF Gonzalez What I expect: R SS Anderson R CF Robert L LF Benintendi R DH Eloy S 3B Moncada R 1B Vaughn S C Grandal L RF Colas R 2B Andrus
  5. I believe Hahn said Moncada will be good to go tomorrow.
  6. I don't know that it's been reported but I think Leury is injured or dealing with pain/discomfort. I think if he starts the year on the IL, they will give him a chance once he is healthy. If he plays like he did last year they cut him by the ASB or sooner provided we are otherwise healthy.
  7. Yup I agree. I am expecting a bench of: Zavala, Sheets, Leury, Alberto. Romy is hurting or sore right now and the Sox don't want him rotting away on the bench as the Leury/Alberto spots don't seems to be in line for much playing time. I am guessing Romy will be playing a good deal of outfield in AAA with Burger/Sosa/Yolbert and then two or three of Rivera/Mondou/Gonzalez/Remillard taking up the infield spots.
  8. Not to worry, Romy won't even make the team. That said, it is going to drive me crazy when Leury starts in RF against LHP and Sheets gets starts in RF against RHP.
  9. What I would do: S 3B Moncada R CF Robert R DH Eloy R SS Anderson L LF Benintendi R 1B Vaughn S C Grandal L RF Colas R 2B Andrus What the Sox will do: R SS Anderson L LF Benintendi R DH Eloy R CF Robert S 3B Moncada R 1B Vaughn S C Grandal L RF Colas/Sheets R 2B Andrus
  10. What I would do: Zavala, Sheets, Burger, Romy What I expect Zavala, Sheets, Leury, Hanser Alberto
  11. The most annoying part of this is the value in this contract was that if Clevinger returns to pre-surgery form, next year's option would be a huge value. With all the drama, Sox might just move on regardless if Clevinger pitches great. So an exoneration would be nice for this Jerry Reinsdorf-owned-franchise but he probably did something close to what is being alleged regardless of how the MLB's investigation plays out.
  12. There are no court proceedings. There are no charges against Clevinger. Not through civil court and not through criminal court. This is simply an investigation by the MLB as a result of his ex's accusations that she brought to the league.
  13. You don't know that though. Their investigation is still ongoing. They could still hand him a 162 game suspension tonight. Now I don't think that will happen and they should have already made a judgement, but they have not taken a position yet. To anyone who has used critical thinking in this situation, there is not a lot of evidence that Clevinger was looking at a big suspension. In DV cases that the MLB has deemed serious, they have acted quickly to put players on administrative leave. In DV cases that were significant enough to involved law enforcement, there has been swift judgements made with the clarity from the law enforcement involvement. In Clevinger's case, he was put under investigation and subsequently finished his season without interruption. He has already played half a season under this investigation and it took a month or so after the investigation to become public for people to seem to understand that. There really isn't a comparable case with MLB handling an investigation like Clevinger's. At some point, they have to realize, this happened in the "summer" and it is a "he said, she said" situation that you would think has no further evidence coming forward. I am guessing the hold up is the MLB is hoping some more information comes out against Clevinger so they can punish him and be held in the high graces of social media. If they don't have enough/sufficient evidence to punish Clevinger, they are concerned with the backlash they will get for not punishing him. It's really a microcosm of the nasty world that is social media. The people watching this case on social media are not concerned with right or wrong or the facts of the matter, they just want scalps. They want to call Clevinger or the Sox or the MLB names to show how moral and great they are as people by putting down others. For the folks who aren't concerned with proving their moral greatness to a few hundred followers on Twitter, the following of this is just being a Sox/baseball fan. And for those folks, it's just about the facts of the matter. And the facts bode well Clevinger whether he's a POS or not. And I tend to think he probably is a POS. I just don't think the facts of the matter that are out there at this point give credence to the idea that this investigation will lead to a lengthy suspension if any.
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