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  1. I bet Jose wanted that extension before last season. When he didn't get it I think that frustrated him and when he delivered again last year and didn't necessarily need them, he was done with the Sox.
  2. Agreed. If Grandal were on another team, we would be clamoring to acquire him in the hope he bounces back. Yaz has been so, so, so unbelievably good over the past decade you have to get him to June and hope he reverts to form. At that point if it is a repeat of '22 you can safely cut bait and go with Sevy/Perez.
  3. I'd take him as a DH. I wouldn't want him as anything more than a 5th OF though. We have flyball pitchers, we need to field a competent OF in 2023. I'd take either of the FA lottery tickets that can catch the ball (Gallo, Bellinger) over Jesse if it meant he was playing 150 games in LF.
  4. It was a fireable offense. Our beat writers not burying Hahn on it was shameful. Not surprised the front office and/or friends of the front office are now blaming Jerry. No matter how much you hate JR there is no way he instructs you to let Los walk free if you tell him there is no way he takes the QO. The idea that every dumb move this front office makes was because their hands were tied is getting tiresome.
  5. The chances that Jose is older than he claims is significant. The fact that he started playing pro ball at 17 or that "people were scouting him" is definitely not proof that his age is correct. At the very least it doesn't qualify as a crackpot theory or deserve the meme treatment.
  6. Sorry, I meant his general demeanor, not the result of his play.
  7. No one seems to agree with me but something transpired between the Sox and Jose prior to spring training last year. He was not even close to the same person in 2022. No clue what it was, but I'm guessing it was bad.
  8. I'm never going to complain about getting Head
  9. Even if you go to the a magic show every 5th day, you still question the smoke and mirrors.
  10. During the rebuild, much of this board celebrated fake insiders for providing "us" entertainment. Happy to see the new majority put these losers in their place.
  11. I can't believe you are willing to trade our worst '23 contract for a player with positive value. The Twins are also shocked.
  12. Kepler would be very nice. Wonder if Reynaldo would do it? As astute posters have pointed out here previously, if you see Lopez as a potential starter or swingman type, (which for some reason, no one does here at Soxtalk), he has value. As a reliever, with one great season under his belt... I'm not certain where he'd be on the open market despite the early RP paydays. Maybe around or slightly higher than his arb number?
  13. Got excited thinking they were doing something outside. They are just taking an upper deck section that they can't get $7 a ticket for and turning it into a premium seating area where people will now happily pay 10X.
  14. I hate to default to this viewpoint but I feel like the entire league could use Clevinger, his upside and pseudo team control for '24 at 1/10. So, if our front office is the most bullish org on him... that worries me. I'll almost feel better about it if we have to give him a second year lol.
  15. Upside: Good defender. Versatile defender. Left handed. Entering prime. 7 War player in '19. Downside: Nagging injury concerns. Org w/ unlimited resources didn't fix or keep him, even as a useable 4th OF. For me I strongly prefer Bellinger to any of the mediocre defenders whose names are tossed around here. We have fly ball pitchers and must field a competent OF in '23. I also think it comes down to how you are approaching next season. Is your goal to improve, maybe eek out the division and hope and pray in the playoffs? Or is your goal to do a 180 and build the best team in the AL? Because if is the latter, I think you have to roll the dice with one of the higher upside choices. Also, if you are willing to tear down and rebuild next year, a 1 year guy makes more sense than the Nimmo/Benintendi tier. Curious if Cody would be open to some sort of contract that would provide a little team control... just throwing out round numbers here but: 2023: 10 million 2024: 15mm team option w/ a 2mm buyout 2025: 20mm team option w/ a buyout I doubt he goes for that but that it would make it more enticing to roll the dice.
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