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  1. You can always spot an educated guess misrepresented as a rumor when the author replies to their own tweet essentially listing all of the reasons they personally think their fake rumor might be correct.... it is like a kid in school showing their work. They always do it, can't control themselves.
  2. They shouldn't trade him until all the big names have signed... unless Getz thinks the asking prices for the top FA SPs will come down considerably before they ultimately sign. And that would be a stretch. Why Getz is seemingly pushing the issue now is relatively puzzling. If it is as simple as he'd like to know the return so he can make moves in the market that is one reason you don't do this half ass rebuild while maybe kinda sorta trying to win the Central.
  3. Did the Sox fire any staff that was still under contract? Or retain any staff that wasn't under contract? I feel like this is the most telling sign that Getz is here to balance the budget.
  4. I'm always blown away by the amount of working/middle class people that are paying $$$ (often $,$$$ for a family of 4) to see the Bulls. Not to judge books by their cover but the games are full of people who spent a discernible portion of their net worth to attend. I go a handful of times per year and it shocks me every time.
  5. I can't think of too many scenarios where both couldn't get at least 300 ABs this year if that is your goal. If you can't trade Robert do you still go with Sosa/Rodriguez over Lopez/DeJong? If I'm forced to try to win the central I'd start with the latter.
  6. Even if I had 100 million to spend I think I'm going with something like DeJong, Lopez and Ahmed in the middle infield for 2024. Who did everyone want? I like the move.
  7. Feels like at least three "final call, we are going to trade him" leaks now. I don't fully understand moving him before FAs sign unless there is a grand plan to really try and compete in 2024 and it is necessary to have the pieces in place before Getz goes FA shopping (lol).
  8. I tried to be nice when it is 1000% obvious that you are the one that struggled to understand the data. You one million percent saw that he received positive WAR for his defense and did not realize that all shortstops did. You said: Tim was a + defensively last year despite being an abomination at the plate. Then when you were called out, you went and cherry picked two stats where TA was 15th out of 20 and claimed that as evidence that he was a plus defender? Take your L and stop quoting me. I stand by my take that GMs are targeting Sox pitchers, possibly because the defense behind them was abysmal. I'm not shocked that chubby Sox girl fans are dancing on social media because Bummer was traded, like he was the reason they lost 100 games, but I am surprised that a guy with 11,000 posts on a White Sox message board is fighting to the death that TA had a + defensive season in 2023.
  9. What do you mean... what? You don't care about an individual season stats and then cite individual season stats as your defense on why you are right? Even though he was still awful in the stat you chose? You gotta be bleepin' me!
  10. Just pointing out that 3 of the first 5 "major" pitching acquisitions were White Sox last season. Feels like a trend. Sox fans dancing on tiktok because of Bummer's baseball card stats. I'll take my chances with the Braves and Cards.
  11. Just because SS is an important defensive position and he gets +WAR for playing there doesn't mean he is good at it. He was terrible. TA was 18th out of 20 qualified in UZR. 20th out of 20 in DRS. Dude sucks.
  12. So how many organizations had "acquire pitchers that had to try and get batters out with Tim Anderson as their SS and a first baseman trying to play RF" on the top of their list this offseason?
  13. Disclaimer: I personally would trade everyone and completely rebuild... and if we aren't rebuilding I personally roll the dice with Eloy again. Too much offensive upside for a team trying to essentially flip from losing 100 to winning 100. End Disclaimer. Who says no: Eloy for Kepler and Polanco. I know MLB Trade Values seems to like Kepler and Polanco even though I don't think either player was a slam dunk to get their option picked up. I feel like if a team is crazy enough to value Eloy as a league average LF that he has positive value. Scary to give the Twins Eloy's upside, but I guess if you are worried about that... you don't want to trade him at all.
  14. An offer of this magnitude had to be available at the deadline. I believe Hahn was fired because Jerry had to pay the Bum(mer)s of the world for the final third of the season last year when they could have been dumped.
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