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  1. I hate to default to this viewpoint but I feel like the entire league could use Clevinger, his upside and pseudo team control for '24 at 1/10. So, if our front office is the most bullish org on him... that worries me. I'll almost feel better about it if we have to give him a second year lol.
  2. Upside: Good defender. Versatile defender. Left handed. Entering prime. 7 War player in '19. Downside: Nagging injury concerns. Org w/ unlimited resources didn't fix or keep him, even as a useable 4th OF. For me I strongly prefer Bellinger to any of the mediocre defenders whose names are tossed around here. We have fly ball pitchers and must field a competent OF in '23. I also think it comes down to how you are approaching next season. Is your goal to improve, maybe eek out the division and hope and pray in the playoffs? Or is your goal to do a 180 and build the best team in the AL? Because if is the latter, I think you have to roll the dice with one of the higher upside choices. Also, if you are willing to tear down and rebuild next year, a 1 year guy makes more sense than the Nimmo/Benintendi tier. Curious if Cody would be open to some sort of contract that would provide a little team control... just throwing out round numbers here but: 2023: 10 million 2024: 15mm team option w/ a 2mm buyout 2025: 20mm team option w/ a buyout I doubt he goes for that but that it would make it more enticing to roll the dice.
  3. The team acquiring Giolito would get QO control. The Sox would repalce him with a 1 year stop gap with zero control. Gotta really, really, really prefer the replacement to make that swap.
  4. Surprising that two guys have the Sox dealing Giolitio and adding starting pitching. How bearish do you have to be on Lucas to want to swap him for a 1 year vet that you have no control over and don't get a comp pick if you lose them?
  5. So few 2B/3B options available. So many defenders with limited range masquerading as 2B/3B during the era of the shift should increase demand over the course of the season. Is there a chance that our fanbase is undervaluing Moncada right now? Could the Sox possibly move Yoan for close to breakeven? Obviously, there is no replacement available, and if a clone of Moncada were available I'd think Sox internet would be clamoring for him to be a high upside acquisition for 2B.... But I just wonder if this is a chance to get away from him if the front office is so inclined? I hope they don't and really hope he has a return to form in '23 but it is slowly becoming apparent that maybe we aren't as backwards in his deal as we might believe.
  6. I bet it was calculated. If it happens, he is on his way to Gold Fake Insider status. If it doesn't happen he just was posting what Hahn should have done.
  7. Sure. Doesn't a perceived willingness to trade those guys get offset by the fact that the Sox might have literally the worst non-40 man organizational depth out of 30 teams? And seemingly should be reluctant to deal from that weakness? Like at worst that has to be a wash, right? Just trying to temper expectations, feels like this can't be likely, even in the event the Rays trade Lowe?
  8. Right, that is what my post essentially says. But the Sox have fewest amount of these guys, or at the very least, can least afford to trade them. Every other club just drafted players and signed international kids as well. 10 players with more than 1.7 WAR at 2B in 2022. A third of the league is in the market for a second baseman. 30 teams are looking to add LH depth. This feels like a perfect match for half of the league and the Rays are shopping for what the Sox don't have.
  9. Everyone mentioning 1 for 1 trades with the Rays where the Sox give up talent that the Rays need to place on their 40 man makes very little sense to me. If the goal for the Rays is to clear space on their 40 man, and receive 40 man talent in return, they are likely looking to trade multiple players for 1 player. In the vacuum that the Sox are receiving multiple players off of the Rays 40 man, in exchange for only 1 player... that really limits who they can give up. The list is very short. It is more likely the Rays look to trade for prospects that do not require protection, of which the Sox have arguably the worst/least in baseball. It has been written in multiple places that the Sox have a bottom 5 system that is also somehow top-heavy. The Sox aren't the only team needing a 2B, in a market with very few FA options, where the entire league is trying to get more left handed.... seems like the chances are slim that they provide the best match for TB regardless of how badly Sox Internet wants to will this into existence.
  10. Rick is going to get to attempt a bandaid for '23 AND get to tear it down again in '24.
  11. Since 2015 Yaz is 21st in WAR in all of baseball and 2nd among Catchers. As recently as 2021 he was the 5th most valuable Catcher in the league (ahead of Murphy). He just turned 34 years old not 38. Eliminating the shift can only help him. If you are comfortable praying for a bounce-back from a number of Sox players, not sure why Yaz wouldn't also qualify? I understand that when 3 true outcome hitters are going bad... it looks extremely bad, but I think of all the spots to mortgage the farm for, it isn't behind the plate. Even a mild return to form from Grandal and the Sox are at least league average at the position. Hahn would have to be particularly bullish on Murphy compared to the norm and even then I don't think it makes sense. A swap with the A's for Laureano makes some sense, so maybe Bruce got a nugget of info, looked at the roster and rolled the rumor dice on the only star player left on the A's?
  12. I know all of Sox internet NEEDS to pencil in a 700k corner OF into their offseason plan for it to look even close to respectable. Myself included. Despite it ruining our fantasy lineups I think if they make any major trades he will be included.
  13. If the Sox trade young talent (which I do not endorse), I expect Colas to be the one that leaves.
  14. I wish Fegan would spend the weekend calling the friends and relatives of Abreu and to find out how Jose went from untouchable club legend to the Sox not even giving him the courtesy of silence, by publicly removing themselves from his contract negotiation process.
  15. I feel like a 3 or 4 year deal for a 28 year old player with no comp attached is a unique opportunity. The other way to look at it though is if he had a slightly worse 2022 he might not even get a multi year deal... Very interesting situation.
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