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  1. it's based off Nielsen ratings. So you'd have to see how those metric are measured.
  2. People forget that Daley's plan was to get corporate interests to fund the Olympics. G-ROD already said he wasn't paying for the olympics, and the feds rarely give money. US Olympic bids are financed locally. And the IOC did NOT like a corporate financed Chicago 2016, never mind the olympics is a giant ad for coke. That, coupled with the fallout of the Salt Lake City bribery fiasco, meant chicago never had a chance. Even with Richie calling a favor from Obama, who was a rock star to European leaders at the time. The long-term future of the Olympic sites was the corporate interests controlling most of the facilities, and favorable deals for land to develop nearby. While the washington park stadium was to be dismantled after the games, the park and the area around it was going to be "cleaned up" and be ready for gentrification. Even now, that plan is happening, just with the Obama Museum and the eventual tiger woods golf course nearby.
  3. everyone releases unsold inventory from Seasons and groups 1-2 weeks before the homestand. brewers did the same, but also offered $6 tickets in crappy locations.
  4. The same number of people get drunk on 10.75 Miller lites
  5. Tailgating at Guaranteed Rate Field | Chicago White Sox (mlb.com) i'm not so sure about that. at least the tables
  6. Wasnt this supposed to be a DIGITAL billboard on the dan ryan?
  7. 20 years ago my brother was FURIOUS that they raised the price of beer from $4 to $4.50. And then it went from $4.50 to $5 in 2004. now it’s a “deal” to have a $12 miller lite for $5.
  8. i like the idea, but mlb seems to want only 2-3 games like this a season.
  9. of stuff that has NOTHING to do with a sox team that is not affected by bally sports. so shut up
  10. then it sounds like you won big. i'm still paying for joe ricketts' tv station.
  11. lolz. thanks for the massive pile of typed crap. it made me laugh.
  12. he also did a prerecorded version of that at the park. usually followed by gene honda saying" listen to the postgame on espn radio 1000"
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