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  1. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/12/mlb-free-agent-rumors-martin-maldonado-padres-marlins-white-sox-astros.html?utm_source=twitter
  2. I’d say Caulfield has more credibility than Jim Bowden.
  3. I haven’t seen one rumor about the Rangers offering a package led by Leody Taveras. Seems to me you are just doomsday posting.
  4. Why are you assuming they are getting only garbage offers for Cease?
  5. They can take multiple Rule 5 guys if they want to, right? Because that might be a good idea given how much trash is on the 40-man.
  6. Hopefully tomorrow is D Day. Need some Sox moves in my life.
  7. I mean this is obvious stuff and he’s acting like it’s some top secret info.
  8. Kjerstad or Cowser + Ortiz is really the obvious solution here, it’s just a matter of it Baltimore will stop prospect hugging and give them up.
  9. Well then it makes sense to target a guy who can stick at SS in the Cease trade.
  10. How do we still not know the dollar value here?
  11. The Mariners already have a lot of pitching, why do they need Cease?
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