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  1. Obviously I wouldn’t complain if the Sox signed Judge, but I have a feeling that whoever signs him will regret it fairly quickly. I just don’t think he’ll live up to the contract he’ll get from some team.
  2. I mean you’re just saying things that aren’t true so not sure why you seem surprised that you’re being called out on it.
  3. Guy just said the Rays are more aggressive in the pitching market when the Sox signed Clevinger first. Lol.
  4. So in other words he doesn’t know anything but is acting like he does. He’s just like the foodies!
  5. He was 20% better than league average offensively in 2022 and that was in a down power year to boot. That’s inherently not “average”. He was also a 3 win player, not a 2 win player.
  6. Benintendi is not average. I don’t know why you keep saying this.
  7. For a guy who acts like he knows everything, you really don’t know much of anything.
  8. Good post. Hoping he signs for relatively cheap so there is still financial room to add an outfielder.
  9. Kepler hasn’t been good since 2019. He’s also owed $8.5 million next year. He would also be traded to a division rival if this happened. That alone tells you what the Twins think of him. He isn’t good. Pass.
  10. Nothing like giving up a former 1st round pick and fringe top 100 prospect for a guy they could have just drafted! But they had to have Steele Walker!
  11. No he doesn’t lol. Not when you consider the offense side of it too. This version of Grandal at 1B or DH on a consistent basis would be a disaster. Obviously it’s not ideal at C either but there aren’t that many great hitting catchers. 1B and DH are positions where you need to mash baseballs.
  12. The discussion is fine but this isn’t even a rumor. He just said that’s what he wants them to do. Lol.
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