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  1. What does any of this have to do with the return in an Erick Fedde trade
  2. This is basically the same thing the Sox did with ReyLo a few years ago. He wasn’t cutting it as a starter, and then improved a lot out of the bullpen. Hopefully Kopech will be the same way so they can trade him for something.
  3. Yep. The only teams with actual 40 man crunches are teams like the Braves and Dodgers. Not the bottom feeding White Sox.
  4. I’m not even really referring to those guys. I’m more so referring the Tanner Banks, Sammy Peralta, Jesse Scholtens types. No one is going to be that devastated if those guys get claimed.
  5. And that’s fine. The White Sox still do not have a real crunch at the 40-man at the moment. They just don’t.
  6. It’s very easy to navigate right now. The Sox have tons of guys they could cut who would likely clear waivers and in the event that they don’t, it’s not some devastating loss. They should absolutely be using this time to upgrade the 40-man when possible.
  7. No they don’t. A real 40-man crunch implies they would lose someone of significance. This roster is trash and there are at least 10 guys they could cut today and very few people would care.
  8. Then who would they trade? It seems like everyone of significance is “off limits”
  9. This might be the first good post you’ve ever had on this forum.
  10. What, what? The pitching prospect the Mariners traded is not anywhere near the best.
  11. His scouting report didn’t seem that encouraging but now that he’s a Twin he will hit 30 homers and drive in 100 every year.
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