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  1. a smart organization would trade TA for a haul and then replace him with Correa or at least Swanson, but we all know that’s not happening here.
  2. Diego Cartaya is probably the guy you want as the centerpiece as far as the Dodgers go. He’s blocked by Will Smith anyway.
  3. They would have had home field advantage in that series and maybe not even have to face the Astros in that series at all if they had a good manager.
  4. Need way more than that if you’re giving up both Anderson and Hendriks.
  5. They have done a lot of stupid things so it honestly wouldn’t be that surprising. I love TA, but looking at the contracts these shortstops are getting, there is zero chance he will get that money here unless Jerry Reinsdorf is no longer on this Earth. So trading him for a haul now and reloading might not be the worst idea.
  6. TA liked a tweet insinuating that he’s going to leave the Sox at some point. But it’s worth mentioning that he did unlike it.
  7. Not sure where to put this but Herb Lawrence is hinting that the Sox are interested in Gallo.
  8. The Sox would trade their 1st rounder for a DH or overpaid reliever. You don’t want this.
  9. Yeah I don’t see how trading Montgomery makes any sense at this point.
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