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  1. Yeah, Atlanta just signed a 35 year old Whit Merrifield to fill a hole in the infield.
  2. If some team thinks they can help Kopech get out of his own head, I could see the Sox getting a nice return. Maybe him going to a contender that uses him appropriately will help. The guy has an electric arm and throws nothing straight. A 100+ mph fastball that moves is a hell of a weapon. We saw the best of Kopech in his immaculate inning, but we've seen the worst of Kopech often enough. One mistake, by him or the defense, and he melts down. I like Kopech, but I'm ready for him to move on.
  3. Of all the things wrong with the Sox, this is very low on the list of stuff I care about. But, I'll offer my opinion anyway. If the team was good or at least not abysmally bad, Schriffen might be somewhat better. He was thrown into an impossible position, replacing a well-liked and very good play-by-play guy and having to give play-by-play of an historically bad team. That being said, I don't know how much better he'll get as the team gets better...or even if he'll be around when the team is better. I'm in the camp that liked Jason but wasn't devastated by him leaving. He's great at what he does, and as someone else said, away from Steve he's even better. I'm more pissed about why he left, with the Sox being the shitty organization they are. I thought that if Jason were to leave it would be for a national spot, not the damn Detroit Tigers.
  4. Jimenez feels soreness in his hamstring in the first series after the break but decides to play through the pain. When running to 1st base a few days later, his leg literally falls off. Toward the end of July, after a night of drinking, Getz finds a loophole in his contract and trades himself to the Miami Marlins. The Sox receive Billy the Martin in return. After a barrage of trades, the Sox are desperate for warm bodies and sign Abreu and TA. Jose actually plays well but TA promptly gets into a brawl with Josh Naylor. Naylor absorbs TA like the blob. The Sox, looking to increase attendance, have a half-off campfire milkshake night. The park sells out, but they run out of ice cream in the fourth inning. JR, looking for more money, installs tolls booths at each restroom. The Sox have a new slogan: White Sox Baseball - Bring Quarters, Bitches!
  5. Robert probably had the same thought we all had from the beginning of the inning. Once Kopech let the first batter reach, we all knew the game was over. Sure, he should have thrown the ball, but do we care? Not really.
  6. Paul DeJong is better than Tim Anderson, and I never thought I'd type that sentence. Hell, Nicky Lopez is better than TA right now. The Sox have at least four players who can play 2B and SS better than TA.
  7. After a very slow start, Vaughn is on pace for about 20 HRs, 30 2Bs, and 75 RBIs, which is where many of us thought he'd be back before the season started. Of course, he'll need to be more like June Vaughn going forward. Time will tell.
  8. The Bummer trade was the definition of quantity over quality. Naperville Nicky has been exactly what he has been and what we expected. Soroka was terrible as a starter and is better out of the pen but still meh. Shuster has been okay but his walks to strikeout ratio is not good. Shewmake started out decent and fell off a damn cliff. And Gowens is still an unknown. At the time of the trade, I was optimistic a player or two would work out. I was hopeful that a change of scenery would benefit Soroka, but he will probably never return to form after the injuries.
  9. Can't wait for this guy to be gone. This is beyond ridiculous.
  10. I've seen the possibility of including Benintendi on a trade of Robert and taking less of a return several times. I don't know how to feel about that. Don't get me wrong, I want Benintendi gone as much as anyone else, but the idea of taking a subpar return on Robert makes me ill. However, I don't see the Sox getting a massive haul for Robert if he's traded alone. He's shown to be injury prone, and who knows if that'll improve any as he ages. As far as the money he's owed, it's not bad at all...if he can play 85%+ of the time.
  11. What else could Getz have said? JR is the one who made this hire, saying someone who wouldn't need an extended period of time to learn the system was the way to go...because this wasn't a rebuild...and the team could be competitive this year. Getz has done a decent job with the constraints he has. But until he's allowed to spend and actually sign some impact players, he and all of us know the team won't be competitive any time soon.
  12. My thought on watching the sweeper and the fact that he was almost always on the outer part of the plate or outside was if he missed his spot and the pitch swept onto the middle of the plate, it could be hit pretty hard. But, his location was great last night. A very good outing.
  13. I'm glad I turned on the game last night. Cannon is fun to watch pitch. Nothing is straight, every pitch moves. His sweeper was especially good and had the Astros off balance all night. The big difference I noticed between him and Thorpe was the success with off-speed stuff. Cannon has a better fastball, so when he does use it he can still get hitters to miss or make weak contact. Thorpe had to rely too much on a very pedestrian fastball because his off-speed stuff was missing. And the hitters just teed off on it. Thorpe should be okay; his first start was much better. But Cannon just looked like a seasoned pitcher out there last night.
  14. Man. Last year was a bad year for him, but he fell off a cliff this year. Hate to see this.
  15. Yeah, this isn't like Lopez and Sosa competing for playing time. This is one of the best hitters on the team (and one of the better defensive catchers in the league) being sat for literally the worst player in baseball. Lee should be catching 5 out of 7 games and batting somewhere in the middle of the lineup.
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