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  1. Big improvement in the OF over what we saw last season. And plenty of power. But, he'd have to actually hit the ball in order to tap into the power. I do think he'd be better away from NY, and the shift rules would be in his favor. He'd be a very frustrating player to watch at times, though. I wouldn't hate the move. Wouldn't love it.
  2. Yeah, I started really liking them this past season. Easy team to root for.
  3. True. And I do believe could still be hitting bombs late in that deal. He may never hit 60 in a year again, but cranking 30-35 a year when he's 38? Definitely possible.
  4. I don't know. It it's a nine year deal, that's a lot per year. But if he will still be cranking home runs at an impressive pace when he's 38-39, it won't look bad. What will guys like him be getting paid 7-8 years from now?
  5. It would have been a surprise if Judge didn't return to the Yankees. They were not going to let another team outbid them unless the Giants went bonkers.
  6. Aside from the Cubs, Giants, and Phillies, the winter meetings have been pretty quiet. No major trades. A few big signings on Monday (that were probably already in agreement before the meetings started). Hopefully the Sox have been laying some groundwork for a trade or two. There's no way this team can go into spring training without some substantial upgrades and expect to compete.
  7. Could be the move that starts the toppling of the dominoes. And I'd love to see Judge go to the Giants over the Yankees.
  8. Man, it is so frustrating to not even see any rumors involving the Sox. I know there's plenty of time, but you'd think at the winter meetings there'd be some rumblings. Either the Sox are in stealth mode, or they're not really doing anything. I'm leaning toward the latter.
  9. Yep. And that's why trading Hendriks makes the most sense if they're going to trade someone. They can either free up cash to go get a FA, or they can get someone to fill a position of need via trade. Of course, that would require the front office to play it smart...and we all know how that might go.
  10. Yeah, Graveman looked shaky at best when he was thrust into the role. Lopez may thrive in that role. It would be nice to see how he does.
  11. Kinda sucks with the meetings being on the west coast. we probably won't start seeing rumors and news until late morning/early afternoon. On the flip side, we could be seeing rumors and news well into the night.
  12. This would be interesting. If they were to address the situation by getting someone who would be the primary catcher (Murphy, Contreras, Perez, etc.), what would be the plan for Grandal?
  13. It'll be interesting to see what the first big move is during the meetings. I would think Judge will be the biggest FA signing, but there are quite a few others who will be getting big contracts. If Judge signs during the meetings, there will probably be a cascade of other moves quickly afterwards. Still believe there will be lots of action even if he doesn't sign this week. I think the Sox make some noise with a trade or two. Hendriks and maybe Giolito would be the most likely to be dealt. And I think they'll address the OF situation. I wouldn't be surprised to see Gallo signed.
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