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  1. I am talking about this year, this month and this next month, so no, honestly I don't think a player, regardless of his batting average in the past, who has been playing and acting like Tim has all year would make this team, right now and the rest of the year better. There is more to helping a baseball win than batting. For starters defense, especially at short stop. I know I saw it on here but someone posted a stat about how bad our corner outfielders were defensively, and stat pointed out that the Sox were even worse at short stop (Please someone find that stat). Also, there are intangibles that Elvis adds to the team that Tim is sorely lacking. Work ethic, leadership, attention to detail, putting the team first. Guys who flip off fans and bump an ump again, are not putting the team first. A lot of 3rd basemen were better "hitters" than Joe Crede, but there were very few who helped their time wins games as much as Joe Crede did.
  2. Am I the only one who, when you look at defense and other intangibles, thinks that Elvis should remain at short stop and sit Tim down? Beyond defense, what intangibles? Well, for starters, he actually wants to win more that build his brand. Tim's # 1 priority, to me, is more about being noticed anymore than helping the Sox win. I've felt that every since he was suspended for the 2nd time this season, you know, before the 3rd time. Examples: Serving three suspensions this year, getting picked off 1st base consecutive nights, some real bone-headed plays on defense. To me that is a guy who is not mentally into the game and helping his team win each night. Example: Elvis's bunt last night in the big inning. That was a huge play. Would Tim have done that, tried to do that. Stuff like that is about winning, not being noticed. Can Elvis keep playing and batting at his current level? Sure. Being with a contender has him playing harder that what he was doing for the A's Now, I know you can't really do this, and the clubhouse would go crazy if Tim sat, but I don't think you can look at what is happening and what has happened all season and not think that the Sox are better with Elvis at short for the rest of the month and into the playoffs, if they get there.
  3. You’re really happy that Vaughn is out? He is arguably the Sox’s best bat, certainly among the top three, and you’re happy he’s sitting out a game when every game is so important? That he’s not in the lineup, somehow, every day strikes me as crazy.
  4. Can we please bring up Burger so we have a bat at 3rd base. How many men has Moncada left on base the last two games. It has to be over 10, no exaggeration.
  5. Home runs since August 10: ALBERT PUJOLS: 7 White Sox: 6 Red Sox: 5 If the White Sox, as a team, shared the amount of PEDs that you have to believe Pujols is taking, the Sox would probably have 50% more home runs.
  6. Was it only me, or did did anyone else see Giolito looked towards LF as the inning ended and he was walking off, and Giolito with a seriously pissed off expression on his face.
  7. Well . . . Yes and no. But not weird at all. Ignoring body language (non-verbal communication) seems like weird, burying your head in the sand behavior. Body language communicates a lot more truthful communication than words, a lot more info. There’s tons of studies that come to that conclusion, to the point it is pretty well accepted as fact. It’s extremely easier to lie, misdirect with words than body language/ actions. Can you positively know a person by their body language, of course not. But it communicates a lot more truth than words. Southsider, we’ve all watch Moncada play for years and games after games, and that equals hours and hours, probably hundreds of hours of watching him play. That gives no validity to your comment he or we “don’t know a damn thing about him”. That’s a disingenuous statement to win an argument. Are you really going to argue you’ve never seen Moncada take a bat appearance off, where he goes up there with no mental effort and just quickly strikes out. Really, you never seen him do that or do a game worth of at bats like that. I think we know a little damn bit about Moncada and his work ethic.
  8. I can't believe we're still talking about Comforto on this board. While we're at it, I like our chances of getting Bryce or Machado. Oh wait, no. We're going to trade for Soto. No wait. We're trading for Shohei . . . For God's sake, let it go . . . . .;
  9. So every ball that lands in the OF is because Vaughn and Sheet are DHs. Really, how many RFs would have caught that? Very, very few if any. Again, complaining just to complain.
  10. BS, with at least 75% of RFs in majors that's a double, at least, and Haseley wouldn't have hit a homer. You're complaining to complain here.
  11. So a light at the end of the tunnel. Only one more year of him.
  12. Serious question, if we sent Sheets ( or Burger or whoever) down to AA against AA pitching wouldn’t he tear the cover off the ball and have an OPS around 1100 or 12OO. Mendick’s Charlotte OPS IS .894, way better than his Sox OPS, and that’s Triple A. Wouldn’t Mendick’s OPS be over 1000 in AA? I remember when Palka had that terrible start for Sox in 2019, something like 2 for his 1st 45 at bats. He still went down to Charlotte that year and had an OPS of .900 and had 27 homers. So, minor league pitching much easier than MLB pitching, so even with his great start in AA, that doesn’t mean he can hit major league pitching. I agree he will be a good one for Sox but we probably need to cool our jets on Colas, especially with a small sample size.
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