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  1. This franchise is pitiful in so many ways. TLR sucks & they probably would be worse off this season (sad right?) if he was still around but this entire org is plagued with conformism. I'm not sure how some of you guys watch these games day in day out, my respect because I (like I'm sure many fans now) are completely de-attached from this franchise & it's product.
  2. An org so confident in shitting on their own “negative” fanbase doing ridiculous s%*# like this week in week out.
  3. Right in the kisser. that's fuckin tough. Not trying to be a wiseass but thankfully Gio doesn't throw as hard as some other guys
  4. I mean, how is anyone supposed to take this franchise even remotely serious? Just constant stupidity over and over by the same people.
  5. Leury's ghost haunts us by possessing 1 player on the roster at all times. Currently that's Alberto
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