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  1. The fact this guy is still employed is a microcosm of what is wrong with this franchise. Never has it been more evident this team needs new ownership ASAP.
  2. Soxtalk doesn't deserve the backlash for the org being a gigantic pile of shit. If I'm giving a second of my time to these bunch of losers it'll be on here with the game turned off
  3. He's the man with the plan. No wonder the offense is unstoppable
  4. Might actually be making him healthier. He’s an abnormality
  5. There’s only one loser of this TLR-FO passive aggressive Quarrel and it’s us die-hards
  6. I have 100% come to terms with this corpse taking on the 2023 season and that has been a gut punch to hardcore white Sox fan like myself
  7. I have a hard time thinking TLR won’t chalk up this garbage season to injuries.
  8. It’s exactly what you expect from a guy who peaked in the mid 00’s
  9. Not only are they mediocre, they’re pathetic at home 🤮
  10. The schedule gets easier….for any team opposing the sox
  11. Bout to get swept by a an Orioles team who actually gives a fuck
  12. This is disrespectful to the actual mentally ill. Let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge he’s just a egomaniac POS
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