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  1. just off the top of my head it was myers, wasn't it?
  2. he looked especially bad against Houston, shockingly he went 2 for 17 in the series with 7 strikeouts.
  3. Just so people know: Elvis Andrus is going into his age 34 season and will more than likely suck s%*# next year. he played way over his head for the sox (big time dead cat bounce energy) and even while far exceeding any expectations his line with chicago was only .271/.309/.464/.773 (puffed up ISO by like 80 points, he's good for about .120 not .200). He has an 82 OPS+ over his last 2300 plate appearances, he's not good anymore.
  4. Grandal is 91st percentile in BB% and 92nd percentile in chase rate. His K rate this year is basically the same as it was last year too. He still has elite plate discipline, though not super-elite like last year, it's the rest of his game that's god awful. Yas should be proud, 1st percentile in sprint speed and pop time to 2nd.
  5. pretty risky zooming in on some guy sitting in the very top row of a near empty upperdeck
  6. I'm optimistic the bears will be at least watchable this year, I don't expect them to win any games but they shouldn't be a disaster week after week either.
  7. yep, he more than anyone on the team needs a new hitting coach in his ear, making use of his ample strength
  8. 10 for 36 with 2 doubles in August. He has a .035 ISO this season, for comparison Josh Harrison has a .125 ISO this year.
  9. truly a tremendous piece of shit who doesn't deserve a 3rd chance with any club
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