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  1. It's impossible to keep up with your positions considering you're borderline anti-free agency. (possibly not even borderline)
  2. what anti-worker point are you trying to make here, exactly? You do this all the time. Yes, Tex, we all agree if this past season taught us 1 thing it's that the owners deserve to pocket more money, it certainly shouldn't go to the people doing the actual work or anything. You're all over the damn place but you tend to come back to the same old chestnuts.
  3. Lebron can’t be legally traded until the offseason.
  4. I mean, this exact thing happened during Euro 2020.
  5. Your research is actually why I dug a little deeper into Romy's baseball savant numbers because there seems to be some pretty loud tools with Romy that no one really talks about. He had 1 bolt (running 30 ft/sec) last year, this is meaningful, kind of like max exit velocity it shows that he's capable of high end speed. We need a lot more data but I didn't realize he was THAT fast. Baseball savant is fun, like there's a free agent catcher who's page looks like this:
  6. I'm also bullish on Romy, I've defended him in the past and I'll continue to be an advocate because his profile is exciting. Small sample but take this from baseball savant: 2022, minimum 100 PA, add a few interesting columns and sort by hard hit%. Romy's 2022 profile was extremely similar to 2022 Ronald Acuna who had a .366 xwOBA. Please for the love of god lets get that launch angle up. That's seriously what so many dudes of this team need, a focus on pulling the ball in the air with authority. If Romy can get that Avg LA into the double digits he's going to do a lot of damage. His all around speed, in limited sample, is very similar to Jose Ramirez and Trevor Story as well. He showed just as much speed last year as Christian Pache and Vidal Brujan.
  7. Really liked this. Maybe the most maddening thing about the '22 team was the uncompetitive ABs due to weak contact early in the count, they were up there protecting in 0 and 1 strike counts and it led to a fuckload of weak groundballs.
  8. wowza, he may see a power boost playing half his games at the rate.
  9. it's fine. he's fine, the guarantee is fine. it's just fine.
  10. yep, steve cohen spending like a mad man should put additional pressure on the assholes who own the teams to actually spend money, not the other way around. more teams spending like they're actually trying to win seems like it would be better for the sport.
  11. i really what moncado
  12. seemed to me like there was just a gentleman's agreement not to select anyone (which the union wouldn't be happy about) considering it cost $50k and you get half the money back if the player is returned. (it's now $100k/$50k under the new CBA)
  13. Have higher standards than this. 82 OPS+ over the last 5 seasons and that includes last year's little hot streak. He had a fucking .309 OBP WITH THE WHITE SOX last year.
  14. Elvis Andrus is not good, please remember this.
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