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  1. Time's must be really rough for your ego if you're trying to give people the I WAS RIGHT for this move.
  2. Not sure what else they could do after getting Swift anyways. RB room is the least of the Bears worries.
  3. I'm not going to pretend be a draft expert but it sounds like everyone thinks the talent after rounds 4/5 is super light compared to most drafts. I think if you're the Bears and you think MHJ is as good as most of us do you go and trade up for him if you can.
  4. You’re trying to make people eat crow after 1 game. Yes, you’re clearly being measured.
  5. I love that they could only ask Getz like a question and a half cause the half inning was so quick.
  6. Unless I missed something I don't think Getz' plan of having Crochet being a starter this year is going to change because they traded someone they were most likely looking to trade to begin with.
  7. While taking public transportation to get there cause Sox fans hate that.
  8. Guys, he’s a 1b who is awful in the of and you think this makes NO sense for the Sox? Cmon now!
  9. Stop trying to speak for “Sox fans.” Quite literally every other Sox fan in this thread is telling you you’re wrong so hey maybe you’re fuckin wrong.
  10. Only 6 of the top 10 teams in runs prevented made the playoffs so if you’re playing that game…no.
  11. It's amazing how much I hate Kelenic and I don't even have anything against the guy.
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