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  1. It's amazing how much I hate Kelenic and I don't even have anything against the guy.
  2. Agreed on all of that. Dejong and Nicky aren't actually going to hold anyone back, we can get rid of those two at any point. That said, I'm going to have a good time making fun of every one of these type of moves we make this offseason cause why not.
  3. Was going to say, bmags how short are you? LOL
  4. Everything we all thought was going to happen this offseason is actually going to happen.
  5. Does this mean TLR is going back there too?!?!?!?
  6. Certainly not disagreeing with you but this is what good teams do. They know they’re going to take a hit on the backend but worth it to try and get a championship on the front end.
  7. It wasn't Brooks. It was Jerry and money. He got a big raise from Detroit and Jerry wouldn't give it to him. He also felt that he wasn't treated right by the organization so there ya go.
  8. I'll never understand people that didn't like Jason. He's the best around. Wasn't going to watch many games this year anyways so whatever but this doesn't help.
  9. I want a JD for “Major League Coach”
  10. There are 8 billion things to destroy the White Sox for but this is a bizarre one. All guys that highly touted get that type of hype. Hell, Keith Law had him as the number 1 pitching prospect in the game. That's just what top prospects go through.
  11. 100 percent but we all know that s%*# wasn't going to happen with the Sox anyways cause White Sox.
  12. I'm past the anger and sadness at this point, I just don't care which is so much fuckin worse.
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