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  1. The way he's been used so far is quite literally the definition of a platoon. But yes, it's only been 7 games so no reason to freak out about his usage yet but hopefully he starts playing against lefties soon. It was only a 100 PA or so sample size but the guy killed left handed pitching in the minors last year, no reason whatsoever to platoon the guy.
  2. Rowand44


    I definitely believe he's done that in the past so wouldn't surprise me if that's what was happening yesterday.
  3. My only issue is having Colas as a platoon player out of the gate. The dude is one of your top prospects and smashed left handed pitching last season(only 115 at bats but still), why would you be platooning him for Romy Gonzalez?
  4. Since everything else is a complete mess I will say that I continue to be very impressed by Grifol. That could obviously change come the season and he can only do so much as is but so far so good.
  5. I certainly understand your point and I don't disagree but if I could just step away from caring about this stupid organization I would have done so years ago. Unfortunately I'm here until I die.
  6. I enjoyed it too. Nothing spectacular but it kept me entertained through out and hit me in the nostalgia feels.
  7. Touché, guess I meant from a fa pov. And I’m not whining, I’m happy they spent for a real left fielder, just made me laugh to think about.
  8. Is that now the biggest contract in white Sox history?
  9. I’m sure they know the Rodon and Judge contracts down the road will be rough but they’re trying to win the World Series in the next few years and they’ll worry about the other s%*# when they get there.
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