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  1. I was concerned that the Sox were going to win, but the relievers came through late. Why stop at 100 losses?
  2. I was concerned the Sox would win this one, but they came through late. Phew!
  3. Close. I guess you just can't lose them all. Edging the Twins doesn't help the White Sox goal of 100 losses. Come on boys, we know you can still do it.
  4. Hopefully, another notch in the 2023 White Sox goal of 100 losses this season.
  5. Just what every team wants, a relief pitcher with no control.
  6. I view yesterday's game as a hiccup in the 2023 White Sox quest for a 100 loss season. Hopefully, the Sox will get back on track tonight with a loss. You know how it goes, even bad teams win occasionally.
  7. The White Sox haven't been playing well this year.
  8. Should the Sox just let Kopech go, or give him one more year? He's walked 56 batters in his last 52 innings pitched. That's crazy bad.
  9. White Sox pitchers have allowed 44 earned runs in the last 34 innings. It's been like ML hitters facing high school pitchers.
  10. The White Sox pitchers have allowed 25 earned runs in 16 innings so far in Colorado. Not bad.
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