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  1. Okay, just another 15-20 more wins in a row and the White Sox will be back to respectibility.
  2. Lynn has turned into 275 pounds of glue.
  3. Just a bad game. In reality, the Tigers aren't much better than the White Sox.
  4. The Baltimore Orioles in 2021 had a record of 52-110. This year as of today, their record is 31-16. That's a successful rebuild.
  5. Winning five of the last six is fine. But,the White Sox played so poorly for so long this year that I can't take them seriously. If they can go on an extended streak of winning fifteen out of twenty, then maybe. I just don't think the White Sox have the depth of quality pitching to play real well for an extended period.
  6. If the White Sox score seven or eight runs like they did in the first two games against Cleveland, they'll probably win tonight. Scoring only one run like yesterday made no sense.
  7. The White Sox should try to score eight runs every game, like they did yesterday. If they do, they would probably win more often.
  8. If the White Sox win one of these three games against Cleveland, it would be considered a successful series.
  9. In today's power rankings, the White Sox are #28. Is the championship window open or shut?
  10. If the current Oklahoma City Dodger team was playing this year in the AL Central, would the current White Sox team finish the season higher than them?
  11. Hopefully, the game will be rained out. Better yet, the whole series.
  12. I see Vaughn as a career .260-.270 hitter with 15-20 home runs and 75-85 RBI annually. He's pretty much an average ML player offensively with below average defense and power for a quality first baseman.
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