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  1. It's that hefty 3 for 20 (.150) that Robert has hit since his return that makes the lineup look much better. 0
  2. Robert is apparently ready. He was hitting a sizzling .100 with 2 hits in 20 at bats in Charlotte.
  3. Woodford has a very respectable ERA of 5.26 this year at Charlotte.
  4. It's too early to give up on Montgomery. But his potential has gone from nearly a sure thing to iffy. The White Sox have two interesting prospects for third base, shortstop, or second base in Baldwin and Gonzalez at AA Birmingham.
  5. Why not? Nastrini has a very respectable ERA of 5.83 for Charlotte in six starts.
  6. If Fedde continues to pitch well until July, Getz might be able to trade him for a 36-year-old reserve infielder.
  7. Two through five in last night's game went a robust 0-16.
  8. Let's not get excited about a 36-year-old Pham. He had a couple of decent seasons with the Cardinals six or seven years ago.
  9. You don't rebuild with the players he acquired in this past off-season.
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