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  1. One thing about this though is that their outfield defense would suck. Tatis and Soto aren’t good defensively. I guess it doesn’t matter that much when you can outslug everyone.
  2. Some owners are in it to win, and some are in it to make money and further enrich themselves. Maybe it’s time that we all switched our fandom to a team with an owner who actually wants to win.
  3. This is ridiculous. Joey Gallo?? Just blow it up and start over. I’d rather watch young prospects play.
  4. If this is true then why not blow it up and start over again? This team needs so much. If they don’t make significant trades and are hovering around .500 by the all star break, then they should absolutely trade everybody and start over.
  5. I think all of this means that the White Sox are pretty tight lipped on their offseason plans this year. No one knows anything, so everyone’s speculating and coming up with all of these wild ideas. Levine and others know nothing so they’re grasping at straws on the local talk shows to fill a Sox convo quota or something.
  6. I’m thinking the White Sox are a “Wish” sandwich - two pieces of bread and you wish you had some meat to go between them. We all wish the owner would sign a big fish free agent.
  7. I’m on board with this plan. Grandal can’t catch and he can’t run anymore. All he does is walk and hits an occasional home run. Plus he slow as molasses and he clogs up the bases. Release him and eat the money.
  8. The White Sox don’t need this guy. He seems like a clubhouse cancer.
  9. Does this mean that Frank Menechino and Howie Clark are staying on as hitting coaches?
  10. So on the Score they’re saying that this press conference could be more than just announcing the manager. It could be that and something bigger. I hope KW isn’t retiring.
  11. Man today is a good day. it’s been a long time since I’ve felt good about my team. A dark cloud formed above this team the minute they named TLR manager. And they didn’t replace him with someone who has ties to the organization. Now he’s gone and today is a new day and it feels so damn good to have my optimism back. Let’s go White Sox.
  12. Our team still has Tony La Russa listed as manager on the team’s website.
  13. Why would Ron Washington - a former manager who was one strike away from winning a World Series - sign up to be a bench coach for a guy who’s never managed in the major leagues? And why would he do it for an organization that is seemingly light years behind his current organization? Come on now.
  14. Didn’t Danny Parkins promise that the La Russa thing was just a misdirect right up until it was announced?
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