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  1. Everyone knows Jerry and the other owners aren’t spending. Have to trade some of assets which blows.
  2. I think Liam would be a huge loss in the clubhouse. I do agree with some that his elbow is holding by a thread. Looks like that TJ could happen with the forearm issues he had this past year. With what Edwin Diaz received from the Mets. This is probably one of the Sox biggest chips to trade him to the top dogs: Dodgers, Yankees, Phillies, etc. with their solid farm systems. Hopefully get two solid young pieces back in the deal [OF, INF].
  3. Winter Meetings for Sox Trade White Sox : Anthony Santander OF and Jordan Westburg INF Baltimore: Lucas Giolito and Matthew Thompson Free Agency Sign Sean Manaea: 2 years/ $26 million with a $14 million option/$2 million buyout.
  4. Wow that’s surprising and good for the White Sox. Probably wanted to run away from the clubhouse mess!
  5. Great news and addition to the organization!
  6. Tosar is a huge addition for the Sox. He’s a big part of the reason with the major changes to their farm system with there hitting approach. Royals hitters down on the farm really flourished two years ago (Melendez, Prato, Witt, etc.) especially with pulling and driving the ball more.
  7. Sox play almost every game a player or two short because of these nagging injuries. Decision not put them on IL is hurting their chances of winning. Which at this point I don’t care. I want a better draft spot for next year.
  8. Eloy is got the worst batting stance. What he does with his front leg is so crazy!
  9. He’s the real deal. Going to be a stud!
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