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  1. Sox play almost every game a player or two short because of these nagging injuries. Decision not put them on IL is hurting their chances of winning. Which at this point I don’t care. I want a better draft spot for next year.
  2. Eloy is got the worst batting stance. What he does with his front leg is so crazy!
  3. He’s the real deal. Going to be a stud!
  4. I really hate this team. This team is so frustrating!!!
  5. Cleveland with a ton of names on the list. Cleveland just keeps on developing pitchers and adding velocity to later round picks.
  6. Dalquist has been such a disappointment. He’s super athletic and just doesn’t have great command of his pitches and strikes no one out. Sox haven’t made huge developmental progress with him, Thompson, and Kelly. I do like seeing the past month Kelly getting his innings up and pitches are starting to play up in his last 5 outings.
  7. Sox Machine has everyone signed with their bonuses listed.
  8. My bad. I didn’t specify. I’m talking about pitching. I’m agreeing with bmags comment. I know we just found some recent success with Mena and Vera, but the previous 10 plus years nothing.
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