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  1. It's just disapointing to see the White Sox have to make a choice like this when they can just spend money to fill holes, even players to 1 year deals, and avoid longer-term commitments. At the same time, they will tell you they are competing for next year, but have to trade players who were thought to be key components of a playoff roster to avoid adding payroll. It's just not serious.
  2. I don't think they would be trading Hendriks to rebuild, more address positions of need. Trading Hendriks for younger players, regardless of position, would also free up money to address 2B or OF if they don't address that in a trade. Trading Hendriks when they are trying to compete this year is a mixed message. Yes, they can probably give the closer job to somebody else in the bullpen and survive, but they have made the bullpen a high priority each off-season, probably in part, to account/supplement the starting rotation. It's frustrating as a fan to see the team having to deal from strength to address other holes rather than just spending money. I just don't think it makes much sense, and the (dumb) idea of trading for unproven players to fill needs rather than acquire the best talent will satisfy the actual roster deficency's also. If the team they are talking with has a 2B who helps the club great. If the team has a SP who they can get, why not address that? It's still probably a need given the rotation. Hell, the Cubs are supposedly looking to sign 2 SS and move one of them to 3B. If you're limited by payroll, then be creative. This team needs more talent. Don't settle.
  3. What team(s) are in clear need of a closer? Are there teams that would take Hendricks even if his role is not necessarily as a closer? Probably a less likely scenario. Given that the White Sox have holes at 2B, OF and probably SP, that is the most obvious positions of return - 1 or 2 players, but if there are concerns on the quality they would receive back, why not just take the best player available who can help the MLB team next year? Yes, that would require Hahn to make other moves if he takes back a SS or 3B, but why limit a return? Obviously it's disapointing that Hahn is publicly indicating that the payroll will not likely expand over last season and the only way to make improvements is really to move MLB talent to do so. Sort of seems like treading water in an off-season where the White Sox should be looking to add to the roster, not be bargain shopping or have to offset salary to acquire meaningful talent. It does make fans question how much this team wants to compete when they are doing it so restricted. Anyways, if trading is going to be the path that Hahn is going down, why not focus on the best possible return vs. limiting yourself to specific positions of return?
  4. Its possible they cut back, but with all of the money already committed, that would need to be a sell off. Even if Reinsdorf is willing to do $200m, that is almost what they spent this year so Hahn is probably telling us a lot by mentioning the trade market.
  5. I don't know the person sharing this rumor that has everyone upset, but an $8M increase in payroll after attendance went up doesnt seem like a major stretch. I really hope the manager candidates are clarifying what the front office will be able to spend though. It really is depressing to see the White Sox settling for backups at 2B and RF the last few seasons. They are spending more than enough to win, but the bullpen spending is a disease and Hahn should really be in trouble here.
  6. Sheets has to be an occasional guy off the bench. He has some power, played ok, but he is a serviceable piece off the bench. Engel, assuming he is not a free agent, can fill out out the bench, but they need two starters. There is no way they can offer up Eloy as a serious LF.
  7. They cant have Jimenez or Vaughn playing LF or RF next season. Vaughn is going to play 1B and Eloy DH. I want Abeau back, but its hard to see a path here without this roster being clogged up again. They need corner OF help, great if one of them happens to be a lefty. The lineup needs a makeover though with the abilities to hit right hand pitching.
  8. Are those chants happening in recent games? Honestly, TLR has no business managing the team, but this team feels so broken in so many different ways.....just feels like doing that would make everyone feel better for a few days until we realize the players are still hurt and/or underachieving....this roster has like 5 1B on it, and the front office haven't treated the previous off-season like this team was actually a contender. I don't think TLR will be back next season, but he won't be fired. I think it would have to be some mutual agreement and he becomes a part of the organization.
  9. Fair enough. I do expect the White Sox to be active, but some of that will be via trades. I haven't thought about who they may be willing to move, but it's pretty obvious that this team needs more than some tinkering. I really hope they don't feel the need to continue adding to the bullpen - if anything, move someone from there if possible. Also hoping that this team will be willing to spend more to add talent, but that may be stretch.
  10. I want Abreu back on the White Sox. He's our best offensive player. If he wants (or gets) a 3 or 4 year deal, that's probably not the smartest move, but I'd overpay on a shorter-term deal (1 or 2 years).
  11. Grandal should only be playing catcher and platooning. He's not hitting. I'd much rather see Vaughn or Jimenez at DH the last 40 games.
  12. That's true. Really, they have been a .500 team over the last full season since the all star break. It's a lost season to this point. If I'm Rich Hahn, it's just hard to justify making any large moves on a .500 team even if many of us think this team should be performing better than this.
  13. Yep, don't disagree they didn't make the moves needed to make the team better in the off-season and these same holes remain. I would still argue though that this team should be better than they are performing. Hahn isn't wrong to expect his core players to be playing better though.
  14. I would be surprised by any significant moves also. I would expect more patch work type moves than anything that is significant.
  15. Is he wrong? This team, at least on paper, should be better. They weren't urgent in the off-season and that is a letdown, but they also have enough talent to be better than their performance.
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