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  1. Lmao pathetic but honestly kinda funny at this point
  2. I was wondering that too. Hopefully this game rights the ship a little bit moving forward, this feels cathartic
  3. that half inning was a very appropriate metaphor for the overall season so far... it looked so promising, i got my hopes up, and then pathetic hitting ripped my heart out yet again
  4. I had this exact thought just before I read this comment. *shudder*
  5. There are no words.... Kinda reminds me of the Robertson implosion in the 2016 campaign (maybe I got the year wrong). Hopefully it doesn't cause a similar tailspin, but that was bleak.
  6. Foster has reached a new level lately. What a valuable addition to the pen
  7. I agree with this for what it’s worth. He calls a good game. Wouldn’t have minded him working the count a bit more - but I understand we aren’t playing him for his offense
  8. Love to see Ruiz execute in a high leverage situation. Hopefully that change up is for real - it really changes his value as a reliever. Smart move to use him here vs the 7-8-9. Has to be Graveman next right?
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