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  1. Well our minor leaguers have all of that down pat except the beating you part 😂
  2. This old f*** is literally senile
  3. Getz oversaw a farm system that went from 1st to worst. Promotion to GM for you!! The White Sox Way 🤡
  4. What part of his body of work would lead you to that conclusion?
  5. Kendall= KW (his #1 boy) Greg= Hahn (doofus who worked his way close to the top) Roman= Ozzie (very profane but speaks the truth) Frank= TLR (trusted ally who he fired/rehired) Conner= Grifol
  6. Why did they feel the need to announce that they don’t have an announcement?
  7. Yikes. Good for him for speaking out. Let the embarrassment continue to pile on!
  8. I know it was a lucky punch, but TA is never gonna live that one down ala Robin/Nolan
  9. And if I know my White Sox, none of these prospects will amount to anything 🫠
  10. If this were true the deal would’ve been done by now.
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