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  1. Their window was two first round playoff spankings, back to the cellar.
  2. Jerry believes all the money he has made will help him bribe the gatekeeper into heaven.
  3. Gallo blows. Move would be so on brand for the Sox to be shopping at the Dollar Store when there are Target level free agents out there available.
  4. Color me unexcited for a player with a career average of .199.
  5. So other teams are signing all stars and mvp caliber players this winter meetings, but we get a minor leaguer depth piece. Awesome.
  6. Remember when this guy said they don’t want players playing out of position anymore 🤣😂. He’s a liar, shitty at his job, pompous, smug, and I want to punch him in his face.
  7. Let’s Dangle our two stud outfielders Leury and Sheets to the Giants and see what happens.
  8. I searched for a picture of Jerry and Hahn on Google and this was the first image 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Every time this dude talks I want to fart in his face.
  10. Yeah I’m about done. I tuned them out last year for a good chunk of the season, haven’t been more disinterested in baseball than I am right now.
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