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  1. Saw somewhere that the Phillies released Whit Merrifield. Should the Sox pick him up and have him replace Mendick?
  2. Sosa has stopped hitting ever since Pedro had him hit leadoff that one game. Thanks Pedro!
  3. Do not understand why Flexen was taken out with less than 80 pitches thrown. Another great move by Grifol that will come back to bite him in the ass.
  4. The longer they wait to trade him the better chance some team will get desperate and overpay the Sox. With that said, I’d rather see Crochet stay a Sox.
  5. Yes, only because I didn’t want to see another ridiculous extra inning game.
  6. 4 more losses before the All Star break will set the record for most losses at the All Star break.
  7. Time to start the fire sale!
  8. Sox bullpen doing its thing!
  9. When you want Eloy to go on the IL…..He stays healthy!
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