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  1. Yes. The 49ers have competent people all throughout their organization. The Chicago Bears do not unfortuntately.
  2. I understand that the rebuild was going to take some time. However, this year has been an absolute disaster. Another tank job for the #1 pick was not supposed to be in the cards again this year. It is becoming evident that the Bears have the wrong people in key decision making roles all throughout the organization. When is the tanking going to end? How does this team suddently become a playoff worthy team next year?
  3. None of this looks good for Ryan Poles. I'm not convinced at all that him and his scouts have any clue on how to properly evaluate and scout talent. They didn't know what they had in Fields going into year 3 and we are supposed to trust that they can properly evaluate a top QB for 2024? Color me skeptical here.
  4. Being scared of the media because you made a trade is not how successful organizations are run. So is the scouting and projecting of college quarterbacks a complete and total crapshoot? CJ Stroud may not have been a better prospect than Fields but he is already the better NFL quarterback. Aren't people paid big bucks to scout, evaluate, and project these kids? Seems like the Bears have no idea what they are doing. Very similiar to the Sox unfortuntely.
  5. Nobody in the Bears organization could evaluate Justin Fields properly? Why the hell was this kid brought back for this year? 3 games in to the year and it is already time to bail on Fields?
  6. So it's looking more and more like the play was to sell high on Fields last offseason. CJ Stroud is looking legit. Bears could have just taken him #1 and gotten some additional draft capital by moving Fields. Now we have to sit through another tank job in order to get another #1 pick. Unreal.
  7. This has already happened. Tampa did an excellent job of not breaking containment last week on defense. A smart D coordinator is going to scheme to make Fields beat you with his arm. The dude has to learn to be a much better passer out of the pocket. There is no way around this. Him running around all game is very entertaining and fun to watch but he is gonna get killed if he is running 10-15 times every game. The guy isn't built like Cam Newton.
  8. It can be a combination of poor coaching and a flawed player. Unfortunately, it seems like the Bears may have both.
  9. NFL defenses also adjust. Green Bay and Tampa both did excellent jobs on not breaking containment. Sure, the Bears should run Fields a bit more. However, not sure what the plan for Bears will be when defenses get better at taking that away. At some point, the dude needs to get better at dropping back and throwing the ball downfield. JF is now in year 3. How does he improve as a pocket passer if he isn't getting reps in? I guess people are saying that the Bears totally need to scrap their offense and run an offense full of RPOs, misdirection, and bootlegs. Basically a college style offense in the NFL since Fields isn't making progress throwing the football. I'm sure that is going to work out great. The NFL is full of Super Bowl teams where the QB had more rushing yards than passing yards lol.
  10. No is he not. The Bears are trying to work on his ability to throw in the pocket. In order to win a Super Bowl, you need a qb who is an elite pocket passer and who can get the ball out quickly. Justin Fields biggest strength are his legs. If the Bears design an offense around his legs, he will be running or throwing out of the pocket at least 75% of the time. That is not a recipe for sustained success in the NFL.
  11. Again, Fields has no future if he can't develop as a pocket passer. How many running quarterbacks win championships? Go ahead and run the offense like Fields is Cam Newton. Newton never won a ring and is out of football. Dude was always hurt too. Justin Fields is gonna get killed if the Bears treat him like he is Cam Newton. Successful franchises do not change offenses all the time and every offseason. Fields has to develop into a better pocket passer and learn how to read defenses and get the ball out quicker. An offense designed around him would have him running the ball 50% of the time. That would be fun to watch, but it will also get Fields killed and won't lead to any Super Bowls.
  12. Maybe Fields should be converted to a gadget guy ala Taysom Hill? Fields has no future in the NFL as a quarterback if he can't devlop into a legit pocket passer.
  13. Super Bowls are not won based on public perception. If Poles and company still have no idea on whether or not JF is a franchise quarterback, then how can anyone trust them to identify QB talent down the road?
  14. 100%. The Bears have to utilize his legs. The offense scares no one if Fields isn't a threat to run.
  15. You weren't alone on that front. This franchise flushed multiple seasons down the toilet and the prize at the end of the rainbow was one division crown and a total ass kicking in the playoffs. I hope to never see another tank job on the South Side of Chicago for the rest of my days.
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