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  1. I need to find this audio clip. I'm not certain I've ever heard Bruce Levine articulate anything exceptionally well. Not suprised at all to see him carrying water for JR though.
  2. You are not alone in your thinking at all. Jerry and company are so insulated from the average Sox fans reality. I don't think they realize how much the Sox brand has taken a hit over the last few years. I have never seen the fanbase more apathetic and resigned to the fact that this organization won't be good again any time soon ( a couple of kumbaya posts on Sox Talk are not evidence to the contrary). JR has little to no leverage with the lawmakers and taxpayers right now. There will be no Back to the Future Save the Clocktower type campaign if the old geezer threathens to move the team again. This is what would happen in a normal negotiation. I'm not certain that Reinsdorf is operating in a normal capacity anymore though. Some of his moves over the last few years have been real head scratchers. I don't think he realizes how much things have changed politically since the late 1980s. Hell, he might still have some of his old contacts from Springfield in his office rolodex and was suprised to learn that they are no longer in office when he called.
  3. Never happen in a million years. It's pretty crazy that the Bears haven't even broke ground on the Arlington project yet.
  4. It was a strange and shortsighted thing to do. I guess they thought they were selling high on Burger? Overall, a dumb trade made by a totally incompetent front office.
  5. Interesting read! I see 4 dudes from Wake Forest projected to go in the top 15. That is insane! Looks at Draftkings odds and contemplates putting all the kids college savings on Wake Forest to win it all this year.😁
  6. Good lord that rotation and end of the lineup are awful. There are at least 4-5 guys on there who are likley to be on independent league rosters this time next year. The starting rotation desperately needs a left handed starter. Hopefully that Eder kid they got for Burger is ready soon. No wonder Jerry is out there dangling the new Sox stadium idea. Nobody except a few hundred diehard Sox fans are even going to be talking about White Sox baseball come Memorial Day.
  7. Hahn and company never should have been allowed to do the first tank job. They were simply not capable of pulling off a total teardown and rebuild. They saw the success of the Cubs and Astros rebuilds and somehow convinced JR they could do the same. Only problem is they did not have the infrastucture nor anywhere close to the baseball smarts of those other organizations. Getz is also a major reason why the Sox are in such a bad place. Hiring him to reshape this organization seems like a pipedream.
  8. Most people who are opposed to masive taxpayer funding for billionaires to build sports stadiums are also against public officials taking lavish trips on the taxpayer dime. Not too complicated really.
  9. I know what the CTU pension fund is as my wife payed into it for well over a decade. Related Midwest is a private company though so I'm not exactly sure how the CTU would legally be allowed to invest in the new Sox stadium development? The governmet handout is going to be when Jerry Reinsdorf and Stephen Ross coming ask the City and State for massive subisdies in order to get this project completed. That is when the popcorn will come out. Stephen Ross is worth over 10 billion. JR is most likely worth half of that. Let these billioniares pay for their own stadium if they want it that bad. The teachers union out in Vegas is currently suing to stop public funds from going to construct a new As stadium. I will wager a hefty amount that the DSA affiliated CTU will do something similiar when JR and his cronies come asking for hundreds of millions of $$$.
  10. I'm getting my popcorn ready for when JR has to go down to City Hall and explain why the City giving him hundreds of millions of dollars is a good deal for the average Chicago resident. The CTU has Brandon Johnson in their back pocket and the people who elected BJ are not the type to favor government handouts to billioniares.
  11. So basically Wrigleyville South? Do the Sox have that kind of cache?
  12. I looked it up on the Google machine and see that the Teachers Union in Nevada is suing to block the use of taxpayer funds to help build the new As stadium. I guess John Fisher and company didn't put together a shiny enough proposal to win people over.
  13. What's going on with the politics in Nevada?
  14. Bears didnt draft either of those guys. Chicago sports media gonna have a field day if Poles trades down and takes Maye.
  15. I agree, but this is so much easier said than done. People make high level decisions based simply on a narrative all the time. I think Poles is gonna play it safe and take Caleb #1 though.
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