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  1. I concur. Build around Robert and Crochet and trade everyone else. Don't trust Getz not to get taken to the cleaners in any trade of Robert/Crochet.
  2. Tanking for usre played a part, but it cannot be the whole picture. Their scouting and player development people seem to know what they are doing. In hindsight, Rick Hahn and company didn't bottom out enough after the Sale trade. The Sox really needed to put together at least 3 or 4 straight years of 110 plus losses to guarantee a couple draft picks at 1.1 and 1.2.
  3. How in the world did Baltimore acquire so many legit prospects? Their farm system is something else.
  4. The Sox should have become an internet meme back in the early days of the rebuild as well. They didn't bottom out enough back then and never got the 1.1 pick multiple years. Totally cratering with 3 or 4 or 5 100 loss seasons in a row would have helped the rebuild big time. It is how you end up with dudes like Bregman, Correa, and Ruschtmann instead of Nick Madrigal and Andrew Vaughn.
  5. TLR was in no way, shape, or form the only problem with the White Sox during his tenure here. The problems started way before TLR's arrival when your guy Rick Hahn traded a future hall of fame pitcher to Boston for a bunch of stiffs. TLR hung an absolute nobody and a total basketcase out to dry in Yermin Mercedes. This had no bearing on the Sox falling apart whatsoever. His whole Mercedes thing is quite comical and absurb actually. The whole Sox rebuild did not collapse because TLR hung an absolute stiff like Yermin Mercedes "out to dry". Last I checked Yermin Mercedes was totally out of professional baseball. The rebuild collapsed mainly becuase it was architected by one of the worst general managers in the history of baseball.
  6. Yep. MLB as an employer has every right to do business with legal sportsbooks and write out a policy that places restirctions on what players and employees of mlb can bet on. If the players or employyes of mlb don't like the company policy, then they are free to find another job. Also, every major sports organization sells booze and has partnerships with companies that produce alcholic beverages. Hell, Nascar has lucrative parternships with beer companies, Doesn't mean that they still don't have a policy that drivers can't participate in races while under the influence of alcholol.
  7. I'm calling BS on the high roller at many casinos statement. True high rollers do not make announcements like that on social media.
  8. Monster year for him so far. Him and Witt Junior both going to finish in the top 5 for MVP if they keep it up all year.
  9. Nope. Madrigal was a wasted pick the second it was announced. Tanked a whole year and used a top 5 pick on a guy who can barely clear the yard with a wooden bat during batting practice.
  10. Wait what happened here? Also, whatever happened to the Yerminator? Last I heard he was playind down in Mexico or something?
  11. Yep. TLR might have been a washed up drunk, but the dude had been around professional ballplayers for decades. He knew that he had a bunch of prima donnas and china dolls on the roster and tried to delay the inevitable injuries for as long as possible.
  12. LMAO. Every Sox loss was a national news story and covered like the Yankees? Is this a comedy bit?
  13. Starting to seem like it. TLR knew that he had a bunch of prima donnas and china dolls on his roster and that he needed to buck conventional thinking to alleviate big time injuries. in retrospect it is pretty amazing that TLR was able to lead the Sox to a division title. His tenure with the White Sox will be looked at a little more fondly once a couple decades past.
  14. Why do you keep repeating that national news organizations care about the White Sox? The White Sox are an afterthought in the Chicago Sports media market. No one at the national level like CCN gives one sh*t about them.
  15. Isn't here like half a billion dollars of unpaid debt still left on the Soldier Filed renovations? How are they going to make that debt magically disappear?
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