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  1. He never said he’d take Kopech over Steele. The question was about Kopech vs. Wesneski.
  2. I like Leury. I really do. I appreciate everything he gave us, and I’ll never forget his huge HR against Houston. But this was the correct decision. I wish him well, wherever he ends up.
  3. When will we officially know the four bench players? I can't remember exactly when rosters get finalized.
  4. Colas on the bench because we are facing a lefty (Valdez)? Or Colas starting in AAA?
  5. I think he’s talking about the way he acts after a minor injury. Perhaps “dramatic” is a better word than soft. Sometimes he looks like he got shot in the leg, and it turns out to be more minor than the bruise I got on my thigh when I walked into the corner of my coffee table.
  6. Is it wrong that I checked the schedule to see when we play Houston the second time this year? (For those interested, it is within the first two months of the season.)
  7. Even if you don’t believe that, how can you look at his production over the past four years, along with who has been throwing him the ball, and not think he’s a legitimate #1 WR?
  8. The Packers offered a 2023 first round pick for Moore and Carolina declined. So you are wrong.
  9. Moore is absolutely worth a first round pick. He’s 25 years old and has three years left on a friendly deal. Go look at his numbers and then look who has been throwing the ball for the past four years. He is definitely a #1 WR. This is a fantastic trade for the Bears.
  10. I’ve been backing Grandal all off-season.
  11. I guess that’s why they play games. Can’t wait to find out who is correct.
  12. I’m not sure how anyone can look at the two rosters side by side and think the Twins are better.
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