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  1. Why do we care about protecting the bullpen? Honest question, as I might be missing something. The way I look at it is that either... Our team is so bad that it won't matter if our bullpen is taxed. It's a lost season anyway, so why worry about the bullpen? Or... We do care about the bullpen, because there's always an outside chance we could compete in our division. And if that's the case, then I'd want Crochet making his starts in the big leagues to start the year.
  2. Did you remember to subtract 81, since we won’t need a pitcher to cover the bottom of the ninth for any road game this year?
  3. Lost in the Cease drama tonight was Nastrini pitching 3 scoreless with 7 Ks. Not bad.
  4. Did you think I was being serious?
  5. We’re so back. At least 95 wins this year.
  6. If the Sox are very confident that Thompson will never amount to anything, the time to trade him is right now. However, you aren’t going to get a young prospect for him straight up. So you make this trade, hope Horn pitches well enough, and then you flip him for a young prospect. It would basically be flipping Thompson for said prospect, but the only way to get there is this indirect route. I have no idea if that’s the actual plan here, but that’s what I’m going to tell myself to feel better about the trade.
  7. Totally agree. You can never know that for certain. You can feel strongly that somebody might never become a major league player, but you can never know for sure. However, the job of the front office is to make moves like this if you feel strongly. The person I quoted says it makes zero sense to make a trade like this. I was simply pointing out that the trade DOES make sense IF you feel strongly that Mena will never amount to anything.
  8. Unless you are confident the pitcher traded will never amount to anything.
  9. I think what he was trying to say is that you claimed Mena falls into the category of pitching prospects that we have quite a few of. So in that regard, we do have a surplus of those types of guys. So why not turn one of them into an outfielder when we have very few OF prospects?
  10. Pretty crazy that about half of our opening day 26-man roster has been acquired in the last three months. I like it.
  11. Hypothetical (unlikely, I know): Sox are at .500 record wise and hold a 3 game lead in the horrible division in July. What do they do with Cease? I'm not asking what YOU would do. I'm asking what you think Getz will do.
  12. Do “inside the box” ideas go in the regular Cease Trade thread and “outside the box” ideas go in this thread? Just wondering in case I have a trade idea in the future.
  13. I saw that and thought, "This has to be caulfield." Sure enough, it was.
  14. Are you trying to claim you don’t play against your own division more than the other AL teams?
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