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  1. Since this team is a dumpster fire, trade Tim Anderson and Lucas Giolito OR Since this team is a dumpster fire already, go and sign Trevor Bauer
  2. That would have been too obvious... Just need to get a horde of Amish and they should be able to lift it
  3. That looks terrible. No view unless you're the first table.. how dumb
  4. Was Hahn told the payroll was going to be higher when this process started 4 years ago? Or did he always know we were capped at 190
  5. 100%. We absolutly more guys in the ilk of Lynch/Lopez, but I wouldn't be trading Mena + + for them.
  6. That seems like a lot for Lynch given he's had two really bad years (MLB) in a row.
  7. He was outstanding in 2021, bad every other year. If he costs nothing, fine. His defense woull be extremely welcomed though.
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