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  1. Clevinger is my favorite FA starter. In our price range and will have a higher ceiling than the others in that same range. I’d be really happy with $8-12 with an option
  2. Kepler makes a ton of sense with 2 cheaper years of control. Good D and left handed with some pop. I don’t think he’s the 2019 offensive guy as I believe Marwin Gonzalez had a few hitting “tips” for his new Twin team that year. But he’s still be strong none the less.
  3. Seby is absolutely a sell high guy for me as well IF you could get something. I doubt you could though.
  4. Most of our "issues" with Wong here aren't the player, but rather the money allocation. If we truly only have ~15 million to spend.. Spending 10 million on a 2B, may not be the brightest idea
  5. Very meh for me. That is a horrendous A's trade and I don't really care for the Berti trade (non-believer here).
  6. I disagree and think we need a LH OF the most so that Eloy can move to primary DH and we can add some balance.
  7. I don't think that sounds too crazy given his history and super strong 2021.
  8. I don't believe you will get MLB players at the deadline as teams usually don't like to trade those though, while you could in the offseason. Dealing them for other MLB players would be a "re-tool". Dealing for prospects another rebuild
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