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  1. A Young and Montes type package would be real hard to decline and I’m on the team of not trading him (yet).
  2. The true “star potential” prospect would be Monte’s, who would have to be the 2nd piece.
  3. That’s not just insane. It’s asinine
  4. Shocked it was the Angels trade but I expected a backend top 100 for Gio and the Lynn/Kelly wasn't a surprise either. Gravemen was the biggest value surprise for me for sure
  5. I have MLB.tv. How do I access the minor league games?
  6. Along with Aldrin Bautista who was traded for via the dodgers for just cash.
  7. I feel like we tried this before...
  8. You guys are way too high on what to expect for Fedde.
  9. That seems like much to high an ask. I imagine a prospect of Cristian Mena's ilk is what you could get.
  10. Command. I'm sure his 8 game walk didn't help.
  11. No history of innings. Reasonable to think he won't be a full time starter for 2 more seasons. If his value is high now, it may be a good time to flip him.
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