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  1. I'm not sure that's good enough for an everyday, set in concrete at one position, player anymore.
  2. At this point, give me the offense. Let's see what we have in Burger, we know what we have in Moncada. Turn him into a super sub, 3B, 2B and corner OF. f*** it. I'm over the "but he's such a great defender" (i was in this camp as well until now)..
  3. I was always extremely confused what happened to his stealing ability.
  4. He was very good in 2022. This year he's only had a handful of starts.
  5. Let's batch Anderson AND Giolito together and send them to Baltimore. weee. They've got a great system, haven't won in a long time (may think they can push), and have holes here (Mateo will regress and already has).
  6. Anderson traded, Giolito traded, other short term deals traded.
  7. He salary is great for a top of the line closer. You'd grab a top 100 prospect easy. The problem will be... how he looks coming off of cancer and if he lost anything.
  8. Henriks should really be traded asuming he pitches fine.. He would net you back a real good prospect (closer cost) and is only under control for 1.5 years.
  9. It was a great podcast. A must-watch
  10. Every free agent? You must not know much about other players/teams
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