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  1. Once the sticky stuff went away, Bieber became a shell of himself
  2. Even if they took Hall out, I’d say yes to the other 3. Bradfield would be a GREAT 3rd piece
  3. Rangers, Mariners, Diamondbacks. I could see the Yankees jumping in if they go buck wild all-in (with a soto move). Padres are really interesting. What's their plan? The Rangers could rival what the Orioles could offer imo. Their system is super interesting to me.
  4. Me too, if you can get Lawler. Otherwise they can't get it to work I think. Unless you LOVE Jones.
  5. They could not get it done without using MLB guys. They're a bad match for a Cease trade.
  6. I like Severino as a bounce back more than most of the other bounceback options.
  7. I agree. Kjerstad and Norby and the deal would be done I'd think. I think we want a better second piece (Ortiz/Mayo). I do like Norby a lot though
  8. I totally want to take Kristian Robinson in the draft. Former top 30 prospect (with helium) then had visa or some other issue for like 2-3 years. Came back last year and was pretty good after 3 years off. Get him.
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