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  1. Sounds like the upper level group areas at the UC.
  2. structural alterations to two (2) existing 500 level locations at guaranteed rate field for a new outdoor bar with premium seating skybox. work to include demolition of 8 rows of seats, rearrange entry and exit stairs, structural modifications as needed with minor electrical and plumbing as per plans.
  3. Isn't most of the WBC played during the normal spring training season anyway? Do they really get that much more playing time than they would playing meaningless games for the Sox? Players get hurt in spring training in normal seasons. Bet Robin Ventura would rather have been playing a WBC game somewhere when he wrecked his ankle playing for the Sox in Sarasota, or Eloy jumping the wall at Glendale.
  4. Everybody seems to include the move to pay TV on their "reasons I hate JR" list, but yes, Einhorn was running the show when it came down to media rights as that was his strong background. I assume the move was also supported by JR. EE was way more visible than JR the first 5 years or so of their ownership IIRC.
  5. I met Jack once and asked him for an autograph and he spent thirty minutes talking Sox baseball with me (he was exclusively Cubs at that point). Wonderful man and he clearly never lost his love of the Sox.
  6. We had one TV in the house that could get UHF, and it was the best and newest (color and everything!). If someone else was using it, no Sox for me.
  7. The other thing people conveniently forget in their desire to bash Reinsdorf is that it wasn't a choice between pay TV and free TV at the time. It was a choice between pay TV and virtually no TV. The Sox weren't on shitty TV 44 because they wanted to be as far down the UHF dial as they could be, they were there because no one else wanted to broadcast Sox games. When 44 went scrambled Pay TV movies, the Sox were screwed. Veeck talked about it constantly his last year of ownership, and even signed a deal to move many Sox games to cable during the Debartolo courtship. The Blackhawks were in the same boat for their road games and made the same move. And of course the Tribune buying the Cubs for programming during the first year of the new Sox ownership sealed their relationship. The real mistake was dumping channel 9 for 32 in the late sixties and ceding 9 to the Cubs full time.
  8. We don't know what health problem he was diagnosed with in February, nor did we know about the heart issue. But it seems abundantly clear he should have resigned in February when diagnosed. He stated that the health issue didn't affect him this year but it obviously did. And JR should have taken care of it when it became obvious. He was a totally different person this year than last.
  9. A lot of interesting information, none is particularly shocking given what we have seen on the field. I am confused by the Wintrust/Guaranteed Rate field comment. I have heard from multiple people that Wintrust actually outbid GR for the rights, but some shenanigans by Sox employees misled the decision makers into GR's direction. But if Wintrust really wanted to restore the name Comiskey Park in some fashion why would JR object? That's what he originally named the park when it was built. Not like GR was proposing Reinsdorf Field as their name.
  10. No reason to even interview anyone if just hiring based on a checklist. While Hahn should learn to say nothing prior to the hiring process it would be pretty disappointing if the interview process didn't outweigh the checklist.
  11. Throw me into the pro-Frank crowd. Had many opportunities over the years to interact with my family and never failed to be friendly and willing to give a few minutes to my kids. Having seen how some people approach athletes with demands it is no surprise that some have negative responses. Perhaps that happened with Frank. I never saw it.
  12. Why did Lance Johnson think Thomas would get pitched around more in the three hole with Ventura, Bell and Bo hitting behind him than hitting five with the likes of Pasqua, Sax and Karkovice behind him? And why did Johnson think having a guy OPS 1.033 in the three hole would cost the Sox a chance at a World Series? And was Lamont really stupid enough the even consider moving Frank to a spot where he would see no good pitches to give Bell and Ventura better pitches? And did Pearlman consider how ridiculous Johnson's quote was when he chose to publish it?
  13. From my personal experience the fans who are the first to loudly proclaim a boycott are usually the ones that rarely buy tickets anyway. However this year, many season ticket holders I know are saying screw it, especially after the price increase. Far more than I can ever remember, even after the White Flag trade. This year is different.
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